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Which Way’s the Bleach? DMG Unveils Breakthrough New Approach

3D printing makes bleaching tray workflow more efficient, precise, comfortable and cost-effective 

 DMG has reimagined the bleaching tray workflow with a streamlined process utilizing 3D printing to reduce the number of steps needed for fabrication by one-third. 

DMG offers an integrated, automated suite of products enabling dental professionals to seamlessly implement this approach: 

DentaMile connect cloud-based design software 

DentaMile Desk MC-5 DLP 3D printer 

DentaMile Wash MC washing unit 

DentaMile Cure MC curing unit 

LuxaPrint Ortho Flex biocompatible, light-curing 3D printing resin 

This state-of-the-art digital suite delivers a host of benefits to practices and patients alike: enhanced efficiency thanks to a faster, easier, streamlined process; enhanced precision resulting in better patient outcomes; enhanced comfort that reduces patient anxiety; and enhanced cost effectiveness in several areas. 

Enhanced Efficiency 

The traditional approach to fabricating bleaching trays requires six steps: 

1. Impression is taken

2. Model is cast

3. Model is trimmed 

4. Wells area dded to model

5. Material is vac-formed over model 

6. Plastic is trimmed and cleaned 

In contrast, using 3D printing requires only four steps for any practice that has a scanner: 

1. STL scan is imported to create the patient case

2. Design software is used to create the bleaching tray design

3. File is sent to the 3D printer 

4. 3D system’s components are used to print, wash and cure the tray 


The design aspect is particularly easy. With DentaMile connect, users simply follow three guided steps, after which the software’s algorithm automatically nests and slices the print job. For those who do not have a printer, the DentaMile bleaching tray workflow facilitates fast and flexible collaboration between dental practices and laboratories to support the manufacture of high-precision bleaching trays. 

Enhanced Precision 

With the high-precision bleaching trays created by this workflow, the bleaching gel stays on the tooth due to the reservoirs created for the gel. For patients with fluorosis, caries-related white spots, or traumatic lesions, the bleaching tray workflow can be combined with infiltration treatment featuring DMG’s Icon to yield impressive aesthetic outcomes. 

Enhanced Comfort 

As any patient will attest – and as any dental professional has observed – the conventional means of taking impressions is one of the most uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing experiences a person can have in a dental practice. Every time a practice uses digital technology to take impressions and print a bleaching tray or other appliance is one less time the sound of a gagging patient will be heard. And because high-precision bleaching trays created by the digital workflow prevent the escape of the bleaching gel, there is no gingival irritation and discomfort for the patient. 

Enhanced Cost-Effectiveness 

The digital approach to the fabrication of bleaching trays – and virtually all dental appliances – generates significant savings in labor and shipping costs. Moreover, DentaMile connect requires a relatively low investment for a practice interested in going digital. Many practices that opt to start with 3D-printed bleaching trays will quickly move on to printing other appliances once they experience the plethora of benefits digital technology has to offer. 

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About DMG 

DMG manufactures and distributes a full range of market-leading dental materials and equipment that are internationally recognized for their quality and innovation. Known for its breakthrough dental technology – including flagship products like Luxatemp® and LuxaCore® Z Dual, the revolutionary Icon® resin infiltrant, LuxaCrown® long-term crown and bridge material, and new additions such as Ecosite Elements universal composite and DentaMile® 3D printing solution, complete with software, hardware and resins – DMG is committed to helping provide holistic solutions and streamlined workflows for dental and lab professionals to meet their needs through innovation, collaboration, and dedication. For more information about DMG products, or to find a sales representative, please visit online at www.dmg-, or call 800-662-6383. 

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