Tuesday, January 9, 2024

The Mac Malware of 2023 - A Post from Objective-See


As long term readers will recall, I am a *huge fan of Objective-See*!!!  This non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation was founded and is still run by Patrick Wardle, who is one of the most gifted coders on the planet.  However, in addition to his phenomenal skills as a software developer and engineer, he has always impressed me with a focus on 'doing good'.   As a quick aside, Patrick lives on Maui and when the wildfire struck there this past summer, he was quick to respond and provide fund raising for the victims and made sure the money ended up where it could do the most good.

The main focus of the Objective-See Foundation is to do research and create security solutions for Mac users.  Wardle has created quite a few programs that function to keep an eye on your Mac system so that various forms of malware can be tharwted before they can get a toehold in your system.  He creates these programs and then makes them available for download to anyone who needs them.  The best part is the he provides these *free of charge*.  

Objective-See, does request for a donation to help continue their work, but a donation is NOT required to download and use the programs.  I'm a firm believer in their work and I support Objective-See via Patreon, but that is a choice each user needs to make.  If you are interested in supporting the organization, you can follow this link to see the ways you can help.

Now, on to the post for today.  In addition to the creation of tools to fight Mac malware, Objective-See also does a lot of analysis and blog posting regarding the state of Mac malware.  They recently released the Mac Malware of 2023 via the organization's blog and I think it bears, at the bare minimum, a review.

If you happen to be a Mac user, the info provided is interesting... to say the least.  Patrick has also created a downloadable pdf of the past year's Mac Malware which is being provided to the community free of charge.  Give the info a look and if you have the means, help support Objective-See's work.  We need more people doing good work like this.

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