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Dr. David Little and Dr. John Flucke Join CandidPro’s World-class Faculty


Several years back I decided to become trained in clear aligner orthodontic therapy.  I had several friends who had taken the plunge and their enjoyment and enthusiasm was contagious.  That got me to engage with the process and I have had a terrific time with this treatment technology.

Last year I was looking at options in the "Clear Aligner" space and I decided to evaluate CandidPro and see how their system would work for me.  That evaluation turned into the decision to make CandidPro the treatment of choice for my patients.

I am tremendously honored to be part of the Candid Academy Faculty and even more so to be able to also work with my good friend and colleague Dr. David Little.  I've know David for probably 15 years... maybe more, and I know that he is going to bring incredible value to the faculty!

Here is the press release from CandidPro making the announcement.  As an FYI, what follows is from CandidPro.  I am extremely humbled by what they have said about me.


Dr. David Little and Dr. John Flucke Join CandidPro’s World-class Faculty

Columbus, OH, January 29, 2024 /Candid/ - Candid, the company behind the revolutionary CandidPro clear aligner system, is opening 2024 with two more significant additions to its already impressive Candid Academy Faculty. David Little, DDS, and John Flucke, DDS, have agreed to bring their expertise and support to CandidPro. With these two industry powerhouses on board, CandidPro is positioned to expand its reach, enhance its clinical expertise, and bring even more value to its providers. 

Dental practitioners have been drawn to CandidPro due to its unique combination of leading aligner technology, treatment planning support from US-licensed orthodontists, remote monitoring included with every case, and game-changing approach to partnership. Esteemed practitioners like Dr. Flucke and Dr. Little joining the Candid Academy faculty is further evidence of CandidPro’s competitive combination of quality and service to an industry long dissatisfied with traditional clear aligner offerings.

Dr. Little practices in San Antonio, TX, where he focuses on restorative treatments and implantology. He’s also a world-renowned international lecturer and clinical researcher who has worked with most clear aligner products on the market. Today, CandidPro is Dr. Little’s clear aligner of choice, and he is even a CandidPro patient.

“CandidPro is delivering the support and technology that dental professionals need to grow,” says Dr. Little. “My patients love the convenience of CandidMonitoring, and it actually feels like I have a partner that listens to my needs and supports my team. I’m thrilled to help more providers do great things with CandidPro.”

Dr. Flucke operates a practice in Lee’s Summit, MO, and serves as Tech Editor and Chief Dental Editor for Dental Products Report. He’s a leading voice in dental technology and has a deep passion for using technology to improve patient outcomes. His test drive of CandidPro—featured among Dental Products Report’s Top 100 list for 2023—and specifically CandidMonitoring™, went so well that CandidPro is now the preferred clear aligner system for his practice. 

“Last year, I began working with CandidPro as a bit of a trial and was so impressed that it has become my go-to clear aligner partner,” says Dr. Flucke. “I’m looking forward to helping more providers achieve great results with this technology.”

About CandidPro

CandidPro believes that dentists deserve more when it comes to clear aligners. That’s why its orthodontic platform leverages best-in-class technology, a game-changing approach to partnership, and clinical expertise to give doctors more control, more convenience, and more happy clear aligner patients. 

To see the official CandidPro press release regarding this, you can use this link to get there.  

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