Monday, January 22, 2024

DWX-42W Still Impressing as we go Over 20 Months of Usage


I was excited to vote in favor of awarding the DGShape DWX-42W mill with the Cellerant Best of Class Award for 2023.  As most folks in the dental industry know, the Cellerant BOC is a prestigious award and those of us on the voting panel do not our responsibilities lightly.

One of the things about dentistry that continues to make it exciting for me is the almost continual advancements we see and are able to utilize to provide greater efficiency and, more importantly, better and better patient outcomes.  Every year I see things that are incredibly impressive and that keeps me fired up about helping my patients and also about informing my peers about the latest and greatest.

I started using CAD/CAM in my practice a long time ago.  My first foray into the product category was in 1998.  Amazingly (compared to the standards of today) I had to boot the system with a 3.5 inch floppy disk!  Back then the process of getting digital impressions was difficult, time consuming, and sometimes just no possible.  The restorations were clinically acceptable and tooth colored.  Patients were impressed with them and the whole system worked, but I knew the industry could do better.  I tell those experiences so that you understand, I've got a decent background in the product category.

I stepped away from CAD/CAM in the late 2000s as I felt that the upgrades to my system were becoming too cost prohibitive.  However, by that time I was well entrenched in writing, lecturing, and consulting which allowed me to stay in close contact with the products in that category and evaluate them.

I followed the category for several years.  I had thought about jumping back in around 2014, but at that time 3D printing was starting make inroads and I thought it was 'the next big thing' and that we'd be printing permanent restorations soon.  Obviously I was wrong in that assessment.  Don't get me wrong, 3D printing has its place in dentistry and we utilize a SprintRay printer for lots of things, but I'm still not printing permanent restorations.  

So after I figured out that milling had a long and bright future  ahead, I made the decision to get back into the in office milling aspect of practice.  I looked at several companies and after seeing the results the DWX-42W could deliver as well as durability of the machine, I made my decision.

I was really impressed with the clinical results.  I had watched the machines evolve and improve over almost two decades and what was now being created were restorations that rivaled those done by human hands.  Combining that with the ease of use was what sealed the deal for me.

The results are spectacular and we are able to provide same appointment, same day, and JIT (Just In Time) restorations for our patients.  After the first of the year, I am planning a post to discuss some new materials that I've used for a while now with impressive results. For today, my focus is to let you know how amazing our experience has been.

Our office has been using the DWX-42W since April of 2022 and it has delivered even better than I anticipated.  In-house milling is a service that patients appreciate and my team, especially Super 
Assistant D-rey enjoy being able to provide.  If you are considering an in-office milling solution, you really need to put the DWX-42W on your list to consider.  I'm confident your experience will be similar to mine.  The device is *highly recommended*.  

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