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The One and Only: DMG Launches Innovative, One-Shade Ecosite One


In the last few years, we have seen more and more entries into the "single shade" market.  This is a huge benefit as patients get restorations that closely match their natural tooth and doctors get the benefit of not needing to keep a massive inventory of multiple shades.  It's also a tremendous advantage when there is a tooth that doesn't fall neatly into the standard shade guide.

DMG makes quality products and I'm glad to see them entering this market.  The more innovation we have in the industry, the more we all benefit.

One-shade posterior composite delivers long-term color stability 

DMG launched Ecosite One, its revolutionary one-shade layering composite at the recent 2023 Greater New York Dental Meeting.

The innovative Ecosite One is the newest member of the complete family of Ecosite restorative composite materials that includes Ecosite Bulk Fill – the original item in the line – and the newly- launched anterior/posterior nanohybrid composite, Ecosite Elements.

Ecosite One is already blazing its own trail, setting new standards in the field of posterior restorations with just a single shade. A curing depth of 3 mm and a rapid polymerization within 10 seconds will thrill clinicians seeking the outstanding esthetics of composite layering technology while saving significant time in the process.

Present in all Ecosite composites is the eye-catching “Push-and-Flow effect.” Noticeably firm at the onset, the material quickly becomes significantly softer for ideal sculptability, enabling optimal adaptation and eliminating cracks and bubbles in the critical contact surfaces between the individual layers. Unique DMG-NC-1 (non-clustering) technology, also present across the entire Ecosite family, enables a homogenous distribution of particles to deliver optimum working characteristics and effortless polishability for a high-gloss finish, and outstanding esthetic results.

Other key benefits delivered by Ecosite One include:

• Low shrinkage stress

• Exceptional stain resistance for long-term color stability (data on file)

• Indicated for:

o Class I and II posterior fillings, including individual cusps o Class V fillings

o Core build-up

o Extended fissure sealing

o Restorations in deciduous teeth

To order a sample today, dental professionals may visit https://dmg- connect.com/samples/ecosite-elements-and-ecosite-one-sample-offers/

For more information about DMG, please visit https://www.dmg-america.com/.

About DMG

DMG manufactures and distributes a full range of market-leading dental materials and equipment that are internationally recognized for their quality and innovation. Known for its breakthrough dental technology – including flagship products like Luxatemp® and LuxaCore® Z Dual, the revolutionary Icon® resin infiltrant, LuxaCrown® long-term crown and bridge material, and new additions such as Ecosite Elements and Ecosite One restorative composites, and DentaMile® 3D printing solution, complete with software, hardware and resins – DMG is committed to helping provide holistic solutions and streamlined workflows for dental and lab professionals to meet their needs through innovation, collaboration, and dedication. For more information about DMG products, or to find a sales representative, please visit online at www.dmg-america.com, or call 800-662-6383.

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