Monday, July 31, 2023

SprintRay Launches ProWash S Featuring Cloud Connectivity for a Simplified 3D Printing Workflow


SprintRay Inc., a global leader in digital dentistry and 3D printing solutions, announced the launch of ProWash S, a core piece of post processing hardware that thoroughly cleans and dries 3D printed parts. With advanced software and cloud capabilities, ProWash S connects SprintRay hardware devices to automatically pass print jobs between devices from 3D print to cure.

"ProWash S represents a big step toward a smarter dental workflow," said Hossein Bassir, Chief Product Officer. "We've taken all the lessons learned from the award winning Pro Wash/Dry to make targeted improvements, from advanced cloud features to a new user interface that is helpful and intelligent."

Cloud Connected for a Smarter Workflow

ProWash S features a 5" touchscreen computer equipped with advanced networking, allowing it to send and receive print job data. Accessing SprintRay Cloud allows it to receive critical information from the Pro S printer before washing - such as resin type and processing instructions - and pass curing profile information off to the ProCure 2.

The intelligent onboard system also provides step-by-step instructions for common workflow tasks and scheduled maintenance. Taken with the automation of cloud-based job handoff, this reduces the number of decisions and touch points, improving repeatability and reducing training needs.

Improved Hardware and Design Updates

Optimized motor dynamics and washing profiles improve wash quality across all resin types while reducing the overall cycle time. An all-new drying fan ensures parts are bone-dry, helping optimize mechanical properties during subsequent steps. ProWash S also allows users to create custom cleaning profiles, offering a new level of workflow control.

"SprintRay has been a game-changer in my practice the past 6 years," said Steven Shao, DMD. "With the remarkable ProWash S and its seamless one-touch operation, we are taking clinical efficiency and user-friendliness to a whole new level!"

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Why AI is Making My Life Easier and Helping Me Be Better Informed


A lot of people have been singing the praises, as well as using, Chat GPT.  I have no problem with the product, but for some reason I have become hooked on Google's version of conversational AI.  Named "Bard" the system is pretty simple to use.  It's available to practically anyone that has a Google account and has a pretty simple formate  Basically type in what you need and Bard can create the words for you.

However, as of late I've begun to use it in a different way.  I've gotten in the habit of asking Barb questions I need an answer to.  I used to just go to Google and type my question into the search bar.  Normally that would result in a list of website that would help me get the answer.  Using Bard, you *get* the answer... all typed out right there for you.

It's probably best to simply give you an example.  A day or so ago, I received an email that looked like SPAM.  It was one of those "fake invoices" we all get nowadays with a phone number to call if "you feel you have received this in error".  Of course, the idea is to get you to call and hopefully they then somehow convince you or trick you into giving them a credit card number or something that allows them to steal from you.  I wasn't going to fall for that, but since it had a phone number, I wondered if there was a way to easily diagnose a scam from this.

Now if you've ever typed a phone number into a search engine, you normally are presented with a list of websites that want to get your credit card number and charge you to look the number up.  Even if those sites are legit, I refuse to pay someone to tell me I have the phone number of a scammer.  That just seems backward to me.  Basically even if the scammer doesn't get a dime from me, I've still lost money by buying the number lookup.

Then it hit me... maybe Bard could use its AI and figure it all out for me.  So I went to Bard and I typed in "is the phone number 844-658-1405 part of a scam?"

In about 10 seconds, this is what I got back:

The phone number 844-658-1405 is associated with a number of scams, including the IRS impersonation scam, the tech support scam, and the sweepstakes scam. In the IRS impersonation scam, the caller will claim to be from the IRS and demand payment of taxes that are owed. In the tech support scam, the caller will claim to be from a tech support company and offer to fix a problem with your computer. In the sweepstakes scam, the caller will claim that you have won a prize and ask for your personal information in order to claim it.

If you receive a call from this number, do not answer it. If you do answer it, do not give out any personal information. Hang up the phone and report the call to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You can report the call online at or by calling 1-877-FTC-HELP.

Here are some tips to help you avoid scams:

Never give out personal information over the phone, unless you are sure who you are talking to.

Be suspicious of any caller who demands payment immediately.

Do not click on links in emails or text messages from unknown senders.

Be careful about what information you share on social media.

Keep your software up to date.

By following these tips, you can help protect yourself from scams.


Personally, I think that is pretty slick.  Not only did I learn that the phone number *is* associated with a scam... it's associated with a bunch of scams!  Plus Bard provided some good info on helping to avoid scams as well letting me know how to report them.  If you are tech literate, the info provided isn't ground breaking, but it's good to know and I think it could help people that are less tech literate.  

 This is just one small example of why AI *might* be an incredible help to all of us.  While I agree that AI is scary and I agree that it needs to be ethically use and controlled, I also see some potential for good with this as well.  Everything in life has pluses and minuses.  It's up to us to determine how this turns out.

I mean, we use AI in the practice everyday and Pearl's Second Opinion is helping us to make better clinical decisions.  Like anything, you cannot check your brain at the door or trust AI any more than you would probably trust another human being.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Data Finds Intelligent Scheduling Linked to Improved Provider Utilization, Staff Efficiency

Here is some recent info that has been released by Relatient... 

Recent analysis of operating data shows healthcare organizations using an intelligent scheduling solution drive strong performance improvements in strategically important areas, including clinical utilization, patient satisfaction and preventing errors that impact administrative workloads. The analysis, released by Relatient, the leading patient scheduling platform, provides insight into how important intelligent scheduling is to a healthcare organization’s success, and specifically uncovers how critical this function is to specialty care providers.

Further, the data shows that scheduling tools that use data-driven algorithms, such as Relatient’s Dash Schedule solution, automate administrative tasks and improve patient interactions in ways that traditional appointment booking tools do not.

As wait times continue to rise, especially for a patient trying to see a specialty physician, specialist healthcare organizations simultaneously struggle to ensure that providers schedules are accurate and capacity is properly utilized. Relatient’s analysis and insights point to guided, rules-based scheduling as a solution for this massive disconnect between patient demand and provider utilization. Specialty organizations using an intelligent scheduling solution have seen an average increase of 5-10% in physician utilization, with Gastroenterology, Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal, Urology and Multi-Specialty practices each maintaining between 87-98% physician utilization rates:

-         98% Gastro (GI and GE)

-         93% Orthopedic  

-         88% Urology 

-         87% Multi –Specialty

"Having the right, intelligent scheduling tools in place has been pivotal for not only our business operations but also patient care," said Andrew Wade, CEO at OrthoSC. "Fewer empty appointment spots means that people can get care even faster. We're able to respond more quickly to our community's care needs while also growing our practice with our existing staff and resources."

Another major disconnect between patients and providers is the way that patients make appointments. A recent survey found that 84% of provider organizations limit patients to only scheduling appointments through the front desk. Meanwhile, 61% of patients reported that they’ve skipped doctor appointments altogether due to challenges associated with scheduling, including being directed to schedule appointments via a traditional phone call.

Relatient’s experience facilitating the appointment scheduling and management for over 50 million unique individuals in 2022 shows that organizations that provide a full self-service scheduling solution not only meet patient needs for ease-of-use and autonomy, but also drastically improve staff efficiency by taking tedious calendaring work off their plates:

-         Organizations utilizing Dash for online self-scheduling have seen up to 20% of appointments being scheduled online, with strong annualized growth in both new and established patient adoption.  

-         Organizations using Dash for online self-scheduling see an average of 32% of appointments being scheduled outside of business hours.  

“When consumers are demanding the ability to self-schedule, and administrators are increasingly burdened with new tasks and responsibilities, it just makes sense to transfer scheduling power into the hands of the patients. Traditional scheduling tools and even many native EHR capabilities don’t adequately account for complex and evolving provider needs and preferences,” said Jeff Gartland, CEO of Relatient. “It’s compelling to see how automating those rules within a tightly integrated scheduling tool has such a massive impact across all levels of care. Following this analysis, it’s clearer than ever that many challenges in healthcare are ubiquitous, but can also be solved with minimal disruption to a provider organization’s daily workflows.”

About Relatient, Inc.

Relatient, Inc., is the leading intelligent patient scheduling and engagement technology company that utilizes a data-led approach to improving access to care. Integrating with all leading EHR/PM systems, Relatient engages with over 50 million unique patients per year on behalf of provider groups and health systems across the U.S. Relatient’s intelligent self-scheduling, patient messaging, chat, digital registration and payment solutions drive operational efficiency, increased appointments, reduced no-shows, faster patient payments and improved patient satisfaction, all while supporting better health and care quality initiatives. For more information, visit:

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

The Dental Products Report 2023 Dental Technology Census


Today's post will be a short one because what I really want to accomplish is to have you review the info we are providing at Dental Products Report.

Dental technology is constantly evolving, and the Dental Products Report's 2023 Dental Technology Census provides a valuable snapshot of the current state of the industry. The survey, which was conducted in January 2023, received responses from 121 dentists and dental professionals from across the United States.

The results of the survey show that digital dentistry is becoming increasingly popular, with 80% of respondents reporting that they use digital imaging and 60% using CAD/CAM technology. Other popular technologies include intraoral scanners, laser dentistry, and computer-aided practice management (CPM) software.

The survey also asked respondents about their thoughts on the future of dental technology. The majority of respondents (70%) believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will have a significant impact on dentistry in the coming years. Other technologies that respondents are excited about include 3D printing, virtual reality, and genetic testing.

To see the entire 2023 Technology Census head on over to my favorite magazine's website and read the DPR info.  

Monday, July 24, 2023

Nominations Now Open for MouthWatch’s Teledentistry Innovation Awards


MouthWatch, LLC, a leading provider of teledentistry solutions as well intraoral cameras, recently announced the opening of nominations for its 6th annual Teledentistry Innovation Awards, “The Tellies.” The awards recognize individuals, organizations, and programs utilizing teledentistry and virtual dental care applications to expand access to care and improve oral health.

“Teledentistry is a rapidly growing field with the potential to transform oral health care,” said Dr. William Bohlsen, CEO of MouthWatch. “The Tellies are a way to celebrate the innovators and pioneers who are leading the way in this field and making a real difference in the lives of patients.”

This year’s awards include seven categories:



Oral health program

Educational institution


Industry innovator


Nominations are open until September 15, 2023. Award winners will be announced during the Greater New York Dental Meeting in November 2023.

To nominate an individual, organization, or program, please visit the Tellies website.

As an aside to this announcement I also feel you should know that I use Mouthwatch cameras in my practice and am very happy with them.  I am *not* compensated by them for any sales made.

About MouthWatch

MouthWatch is a leading provider of teledentistry solutions and intraoral cameras. The company’s software platform enables dentists and hygienists to provide remote care to patients in rural and underserved areas. MouthWatch also offers a variety of educational resources to help dentists and hygienists learn about teledentistry.

For more information, please visit:

The Tellies website:

MouthWatch website:

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Join Me Tonight & Learn Some Tips & Ideas to Make Endodontics Easier for You!

A short post for today, because the REAL excitement will be this evening!

Join me at 7:00 EDT, 6:00 CDT, 5:00 MDT, and/or 4:00 PDT for a fun one hour webinar on a few ways to make endodontic treatment easier, faster, and most importantly *more* predictable.  Throughout the course of my career I have the privilege to work with and be coached by some amazing endodontists.  Those folks helped me to be so much better at this aspect of our treatment and I am honored to be able to share a few of the things I've learned in the webinar tonight.

As almost all of you know by now, I am a general dentist.  Because of that one simple fact, I've gained the knowledge of what it is like to be a doctor "in the trenches" needing to be knowledgeable of every aspect of the profession and capable of delivering results to my patients.  Just like all of you, I come into the office 4 days a week to diagnose, evaluate, and deliver to the patients who are trusting me to perform to the best of my ability.

By studying, reading, and experimenting in the lab I've been able to come up with some great ways to endodontics easier for a doctor who hasn't done an endo residency.  

I *love* endo and I'd be honored to provide you info that would help you and your patients.  Join me tonight by following this link to register.

I hope to see some of you there!


Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Bola AI to Implement Generative AI and Large Language Models in Dental Patient Charting Notes Platform

Bola AI, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered voice transcription and note-taking software for dental practices, announced today that it will be implementing generative AI and large language models (LLMs) into its platform later in 2023.

The generative AI will supplement Bola AI's voice notes feature, allowing clinicians to transcribe voice notes and patient-charting quickly and accurately to free up time. The LLMs will be used to generate personalized patient notes based on the clinician's preferences and the patient's medical history.

"We are excited to be at the forefront of using generative AI and LLMs in the dental industry," said Bola AI CEO, Dr. Mark Burhenne. "These technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way dental practices manage patient records and documentation."

The addition of generative AI and LLMs to Bola AI's platform is part of the company's broader mission to make dental care more efficient and affordable. The company believes that these technologies can help dental practices save time and money, while also improving the quality of care for patients.

"We are committed to using the latest AI technologies to help dental practices deliver the best possible care to their patients," said Burhenne. "We believe that generative AI and LLMs are a key part of that mission."

Bola AI's platform is currently used by over 10,000 dental practices in the United States. The company plans to roll out the generative AI and LLM features to its customers later in 2023.

Benefits of Generative AI and LLMs in Dental Patient Charting Notes

There are a number of benefits to using generative AI and LLMs in dental patient charting notes. These technologies can:

Free up clinician time: Generative AI can transcribe voice notes quickly and accurately, freeing up clinicians to focus on other tasks.

Improve the quality of notes: LLMs can be used to generate personalized patient notes that are more accurate and comprehensive.

Reduce documentation errors: Generative AI and LLMs can help to reduce documentation errors, which can save time and money for dental practices.

Improve patient care: By providing clinicians with more accurate and comprehensive information, generative AI and LLMs can help to improve patient care.


Bola AI's decision to implement generative AI and LLMs in its dental patient charting notes platform is a significant development in the field of dental technology. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way dental practices manage patient records and documentation, and to improve the quality of care for patients.


Monday, July 17, 2023

Mouthwatch Opens Nominations for 2023 Teledentistry Innovation Awards


Newly Added Award Categories Expand Recognition Opportunities for Virtual-First Care 

MouthWatch, LLC, has opened nominations for its 6th annual Teledentistry Innovation Awards, “The Tellies.” These awards recognize individuals, organizations, and programs utilizing teledentistry and virtual dental care applications to expand access to care and improve oral health.

With the growth of teledentistry expanding into a range of virtual-first care applications focused on oral health, an increasing number of organizations are supporting health through services such as Dentistry.One, a virtual-first dental care network introduced by MouthWatch earlier this year. 

Inspired by Dentistry.One, MouthWatch added three new categories to this year’s Teledentistry Innovation Awards: employers, industry innovators, and payers. The addition of these categories now provides seven opportunities for individuals, organizations, and programs to be recognized for outstanding work in advancing oral health. Original categories include dentists, hygienists, oral health programs, and educational institutions. 

“The addition of new Tellie Award categories is a direct reflection of the growing number of individuals and organizations who recognize not only the benefits of teledentistry and virtual dental care, but also the new ways these benefits can reach patients,” said Brant Herman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of MouthWatch and Dentistry.One. “We are excited to recognize and honor those who use these innovative solutions to bring more people into the dental care journey, while driving greater efficiency in the delivery of oral care.” 

Dentistry.One offers a comprehensive virtual-first dental care solution designed to transform the traditional dental patient care journey with a nationwide network of on-demand dentists and Care Advisors who help expand access to care and improve health outcomes for today’s patients.

Nominations are open until September 15, 2023, and can be submitted on The Tellies’ website, Tellie award winners will be announced during the 2023 Greater New York Dental Meeting taking place November 24-29, 2023. The location and time of the Tellie Awards event will be announced separately.

About MouthWatch, LLC 
MouthWatch, LLC, is a leader in developing digital technology solutions that drive success for dental professionals, improve oral health care, and enhance the overall patient experience.

Headquartered in Metuchen, New Jersey, MouthWatch is widely known for its intraoral cameras that help engage patients in treatment planning through high quality, affordable imaging technology, and its TeleDent software that provides practices and organizations with a teledentistry option to engage patients with providers remotely. 

MouthWatch recently launched Dentistry.One, a virtual-first care network that addresses the expectations of today’s modern healthcare consumers, the need for greater efficiency in healthcare, and the proven connection between good oral health and total health. Dentistry.One features on-demand dental consultations, personalized care coordination, and oral health coaching for prioritizing oral health. 

MouthWatch hardware and software is in use at over 40,000 practices, over 30 leading Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), and over 100 dental schools. The company has been recognized three times in the Inc. 5000. 

For more information, visit or

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Garrison Dental Strata-G Matrix System: A Review

The Garrison Dental Strata-G Matrix System is a sectional matrix system that is designed to provide reliable, tight contacts and easier, more predictable contours in posterior restorations. 

The system consists of three main components:

Strata-G Matrix Rings: These rings are made of a nickel titanium alloy that is both strong and easy to open. They are also reinforced with PEEK, which makes them even more durable.

Strata-G Wedges: These wedges are made of a soft, silicone material that is designed to conform to the shape of the interproximal space. They also have a smooth tunnel design that makes them easy to stack, which is helpful in cases of gingival recession.

Strata-G Matrix Bands: These bands are made of a thin, dead-soft metal that is designed to provide excellent flash control. They are also color-coded to make it easy to select the correct size.

The Strata-G Matrix System is easy to use and provides excellent results. The rings are easy to open and close, and the wedges conform to the shape of the interproximal space without distorting the gingiva. The matrix bands are thin and dead-soft, which provides excellent flash control.

In addition to its ease of use and effectiveness, the Strata-G Matrix System also offers a number of other advantages, including:

Longer lasting: The nickel titanium alloy rings are more durable than traditional stainless steel rings, which means that they can last longer.

More versatile: The PEEK reinforcement on the back of the rings makes them more versatile than other systems. This is because the reinforcement allows the rings to retain a higher percentage of their initial strength for much longer.

Better flash control: The Strata-G Matrix Bands are thinner and dead-soft than other bands, which provides better flash control.

Overall, the Garrison Dental Strata-G Matrix System is a high-quality sectional matrix system that is easy to use and provides excellent results. It is a good choice for dentists who are looking for a system that will provide reliable, tight contacts and easier, more predictable contours in posterior restorations. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

The Benefits of Warming Dental Composite


Behold the Compex HD from AdDent.  This composite heater and dispenser is a great way to deliver warm composite.

Dental composites are a popular choice for tooth restorations because they are strong, durable, and esthetically pleasing. However, working with composite can be challenging, especially when it is cold. That's where composite warming comes in.

Warming dental composite can improve the handling, flow, and adaptation of the material, leading to better restorations. Here are some of the benefits of warming composite:

Improved handling: Warming composite makes it easier to extrude from the compule and manipulate in the cavity prep. This can reduce hand fatigue and improve precision.

Improved flow: Warmed composite has a lower viscosity, which means it flows more easily. This allows it to fill all the nooks and crannies of the cavity prep, reducing the risk of voids and gaps.

Improved adaptation: Warmed composite adapts better to the tooth structure, resulting in a more precise and esthetic restoration.

Reduced polymerization shrinkage: Polymerization shrinkage is the contraction of composite as it cures. This can cause stress on the restoration and lead to microleakage. Warming composite can reduce polymerization shrinkage, making the restoration more durable.

There are a few different ways to warm dental composite. One option is to use a composite warmer. These devices heat the composite to a specific temperature, which is typically between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius. Another option is to warm the composite using the Compex unit shown above.  This device is battery operated and warms the composite in the barrel of the gun.  I use a Compex unit for almost every composite I place.

You may want to consider warming dental composite. The benefits of warming composite can lead to better restorations for your patients.

Here are some additional tips for warming dental composite:

Only warm the composite to the recommended temperature. Overheating the composite can damage it.

Warm the composite evenly. This will help to prevent it from curing unevenly.

Use a clean, dry compule when placing warmed composite. This will help to prevent the composite from sticking to the compule.

Work quickly when placing warmed composite. The composite will start to cool as soon as it exits the heater or the cartridge if you are using the Compex unit.

Warming dental composite is a simple way to improve the quality of your restorations. By following these tips, you can ensure that your patients receive the best possible care.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Medidenta ACE Endo Motor: A Powerful and Portable Endodontic Motor


The Medidenta ACE Endo Motor is a powerful and portable endodontic motor that offers a variety of features to help dentists provide safe and effective root canal treatment.

The ACE features a cordless handpiece with a built-in apex locator, allowing for accurate measurement of working length. The motor also offers a variety of rotary and reciprocating kinematics, as well as a proprietary Genius AutoSense™ technology that helps to avoid file separation.

In addition, the ACE has a user-friendly interface with a 3" LCD color display. This makes it easy to set up and use the motor, even for new users.

The ACE is a versatile motor that can be used for a variety of endodontic procedures. It is also a portable motor, making it ideal for use in both clinical and field settings.

Here are some of the key features of the Medidenta ACE Endo Motor:

  • Cordless handpiece with built-in apex locator
  • Variety of rotary and reciprocating kinematics
  • Proprietary Genius AutoSense™ technology
  • User-friendly interface with 3" LCD color display
  • Portable design

The Medidenta ACE Endo Motor is a powerful and versatile motor that offers a variety of features to help dentists provide safe and effective root canal treatment. It is a valuable tool for any dentist who performs endodontic procedures.

Benefits of Using the Medidenta ACE Endo Motor

There are a number of benefits to using the Medidenta ACE Endo Motor, including:

  • Portability: The ACE is a cordless motor, making it easy to transport and use in a variety of settings.
  • Accuracy: The ACE features a built-in apex locator, which helps to ensure accurate working length determination.
  • Versatile: The ACE offers a variety of rotary and reciprocating kinematics, making it suitable for a variety of endodontic procedures.
  • Safe: The ACE's Genius AutoSense™ technology helps to avoid file separation, which can help to prevent complications during root canal treatment.
  • User-friendly: The ACE has a user-friendly interface with a 3" LCD color display, making it easy to set up and use.

Overall, the Medidenta ACE Endo Motor is a powerful and versatile motor that offers a number of benefits for dentists who perform endodontic procedures. If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use motor, the ACE is a great option.

If you'd like to learn more, visit the Medidenta ACE page.  

Monday, July 10, 2023

Teeth Now Being Used to Help Determine Sex of Ancient Humans


Today's post is about both dentistry and tech, which as most of you know are two of my greatest passions.

Late last week I happen to come across an article about an ancient tomb from the Copper Age.  It seems that the tomb contained the remains of someone very important to their group/tribe/society.  The body was buried with an elephant's tusk, a crystal dagger, an ivory comb, a flint dagger inlaid with amber, and an ostrich egg shell, the person was assumed to be a person of great importance who had traveled to faraway lands.  The remains were examined and thought to be those of a male 17-25 years of age.  The body became known as "the ivory man".

The remains were scientifically examined, but DNA forensics on very old remains is difficult.  The material breaks down over time, especially in warmer climates.  In this case, the gender was determined using a visual inspection of the pelvic bones.  Generally speaking, female pelvises are wider to allow for babies to pass more easily through the birth canal.  The problem with that type of identification is that it is not always accurate.  In many cases it becomes a case of "best guess with available data" (my term).

The dental aspect of this now comes into play.  Most of us know that enamel is the hardest material in the human body.  That means it doesn't break down as easily as other chemicals, so it can be found much more readily in skeletal remains.  The other thing that comes into play is the scientific ability to detect amelogenin.  This is a peptide that is only found in females.  Basically when you perform the analysis, if you have amelogenin, the remains are female.

Scientists re-examined using this new technique (available since 2017) and it was determined that The Ivory Man is actually The Ivory Woman.  

If you'd like to read more about this tomb, its discovery, and its impact on scientific thinking, you can check this article on CNN or you can follow this link to  

Thursday, July 6, 2023

DentaQuest Embarks on Digital Evolution To Improve Patient Outcomes and Access To Care

Some interesting info coming out from DentaQuest...

“Dental Done Better” approach aims to improve efficiency, care equity and member experience with a focus on digital engagement 

DentaQuest, part of Sun Life U.S., is creating better experiences and outcomes for its members by identifying opportunities to streamline interactions for members and dental providers with digital improvements and communications. Data indicates that members expect more from their insurer, and DentaQuest is committed to meeting those expectations through its “Dental Done Better” initiative.

 DentaQuest’s “Dental Done Better” approach to digital evolution is rooted in the acknowledgement that member expectations have shifted in the demand for seamless, multichannel digital communications and tools. According to Gartner research, the number of consumers using people-only channels dropped to 27% since the pandemic, indicating a growing use of digital channels. In addition, Broadridge data shows 87% of consumers believe it’s important to have a simple way to interact with companies across all channels.

Acting on the results of this research, DentaQuest is increasing investment in and focus on the customer experience with a number of digital evolutions already in place, including: 

  • a modernized website that geolocates members and providers so they can find a dentist and view important plan information and documents easily; 
  • enhancements to the interactive voice response system (IVR) enabling self-service options for both providers and members;
  •  digital member handbooks and insurance cards available for self-service download;
  •  SMS texting of important benefits information, reminders and other member communications to increase utilization and engagement;
  •  improved provider portal functionality so providers can focus on treating members rather than administrative processes;
  • online Provider Performance Reports for fast, easy access to critical, actionable data.

“We know consumers are increasingly adopting technology and digital tools for their health care experiences,” said Kamila Chytil, chief operating officer of DentaQuest. “It's imperative that we innovate our digital offerings to meet the needs of our members and improve health outcomes. Our goal is to create a positive, seamless experience for members when accessing their dental benefits information and ultimately minimize any friction involved with accessing oral health care.” 

 DentaQuest’s efforts to improve efficiency, care equity and member experience are underway, with additional tools and enhancement to come later this year. 

 About DentaQuest                                                   

DentaQuest, part of Sun Life U.S., is a purpose-driven health care company dedicated to improving the oral health of all. We do this through Preventistry® — our inclusive approach to quality care and expanded access built on trusted partnerships between patients, providers and payors. As one of the nation’s largest and most experienced Medicaid dental benefits administrators, we manage dental and vision benefits for more than 33 million Americans through a nationwide network of providers in all 50 states. Our outcomes-based, cost-effective dental solutions are designed for Medicaid and CHIP, Medicare Advantage, small and large businesses, and individuals. At the same time, we are expanding our footprint of more than 70 oral health centers in six states to deliver direct patient care in rural and underserved populations. Learn more at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Predictable Low Stress Endodontics for the General Practitioner


I'd like to make today's post about an upcoming course I have on the schedule for the good folks at Medidenta.  For quite a while now, I've been a fan of the Genius endodontic system.  It was created and designed by a good friend, Dr. Carlos Ramos.  Carlos is a fantastic clinician and a Renaissance thinker in the field of endodontics.  He continues to innovate and create state of the art products in the field of endodontics and his inventions are sold by Medidenta.

As a general dentist, I enjoy performing all aspects of clinical dentistry.  It sort of suits my "ADD side" plus it helps me to help more people.  Yet, if I was faced to make a choice, I would choose endodontics as my favorite procedure.  I've been fortunate in my general practitioner role over the years to have been able to study under the direct tutelage of some phenomenal endodontists and that has allowed me to understand the field pretty well and to incorporate the things I've been taught into my every day clinical technique.

My point here is... I do a ton of endodontic therapy in my office and my technique is based on the opinions of several experts.  That allows me to understand the unique challenges that come from the perspective of the general dentist.

In August this year, I am doing a 2 day hands-on course at LVI in beautiful Las Vegas.  The idea of this one hour webinar that Medidenta is hosting is to give prospective attendees a chance to see what that two day course is all about.  We're designing this Medidenta course as a bit of a "sneak peek" event so that doctors can get a bit of a grasp of what I'll be covering in detail later this summer.

The best part is it's FREE!  So be sure to register and come see what it's all about.  I'm looking forward to a lot of you being there!

Monday, July 3, 2023

Vista Apex Offers Christmas in July Promotion - Big Equipment Discounts0


Throughout my time in the profession, I've always been amazed at how quickly our science has evolved and also how much "wear-and-tear" we put on our equipment.  I have always made a point of setting aside part of the overall operating budget for "improvement".  Whether that is something "new and better" or simply something "new" because 'the present piece of equipment is showing physical signs of wear, improvement is a constant process.

That's why I'm excited to tell you about a sale from Vista Apex that can allow your office to upgrade and refresh your equipment while saving the office 20% in the process.

Vista Apex, a leading provider of dental equipment, is currently offering a 20% discount on all equipment. This sale is a great opportunity to upgrade your dental practice with new equipment at a fraction of the cost.

The sale includes a wide range of equipment including:
  • PinkWave featuring QuadWave Curing Technology
    • Built in Transilluminator
    • 3 Curing Modes - Boost, Standard, Ramp
    • 1515mW/cm² on Standard Mode and 1720 mW/cm² on Boost Mode
  • EndoUltra Cordless Ultrasonic Activator
    • LED lights to illuminate access
    • 40,000Hz (200x more powerful than sonic units)
  • Phasor Composite Compule Warming Gun
    • NIR (near infrared) LED to heat compules
    • Warms composite to 150°F in seconds
  • Impact 45® Highspeed Handpiece (with 45° angled head)
    • Fiberoptic head
    • Push-button chuck
    • In-office replaceable turbine
The list above is just a few of the products that the company makes and sells.  To see everything the company has to offer, visit their website and take a look.  I love their tag line "Endo, Resto, Let's Go!"

To take advantage of the sale, simply visit the Vista Apex website and enter the promo code xmasinjuly23 at checkout. The sale is valid until July 31, 2023.