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National Mobile & Teledentistry Conference Celebrates Year 5 In Dallas, Texas on March 1-2, 2024


Over the past few years I have begun to become more passionate about the percentage of our population who simply cannot physically get to a dental office.  The science of healthcare has expanded so greatly and we are so much better able to take care of patients that people are living longer than ever before.  What I find unfortunate is that I feel our ability to heal has begun to exceed our ability to care.

We need a dedicated group of people who are willing to engage with patients by "going remote".  This will involve a team effort of people and systems that can go into nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other remote locations to gather data and treat patients who are unable to travel to a traditional dental office for care.

That's why I want to give you all some info today on the National Mobile & Teledentistry Alliance.  The group is getting ready to hold their 5th conference in Dallas soon.  Below, you'll find information on the organization as well as the press release that has details on their upcoming meeting.  If you would like to become a member of the organization, you can find membership info here.  


Founded in 2019, the American Mobile & Teledentistry Alliance (AMTA) is designated a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization and is the only professional association focused on the future of Alternative Care Delivery Models. AMTA is designed to support the dental professionals, dental practices and brands around the world who are utilizing mobile, virtual and other non-traditional care delivery methods.

Mission: To eliminate barriers to oral health internationally by promoting care outside of traditional dental settings.

Vision: The American Mobile and Teledentistry Alliance promotes equitable oral health services through alternative care models.


  • Advocacy
  • Outreach & Awareness
  • Continuing Education
  • Standard of Care
  • Collaboration

The National Mobile & Teledentistry Conference

The National Mobile & Teledentistry Conference (NMTC), the only educational conference geared towards virtual and mobile dental care, is excited to announce our 5-year anniversary at our upcoming event on March 1-2, 2024 in Dallas, TX. 

This year’s event is pivotal as it represents the future of dentistry and focuses on collaboration with industry stakeholders including the Texas Oral Health Coalition, People of Color in DSO, Speaking Consulting Network and more. Two-days of educational courses will provide introductory and deep-dive education on the implementation, best practices, and protocols for organizations who are currently implementing or looking to implement service offerings beyond the brick-and-mortar. "What we’ve learned through the pandemic is that patients may never again walk through our practice doors but certainly will let us walk through their doors," said Sonya Dunbar, cofounder of NMTC. "This is critical as we think about how our dental practices will continue to be successful in the future." 

NMTC brings together stakeholders, management, and decision-makers from general and specialty practices, public health organizations, DSOs, MSOs, independent practices, and technology and product companies. “Our annual event is unique in that it brings together stakeholders who understand that operational efficiency and same store growth are vital for the future success of dental practices,” said Melissa Turner, cofounder of NMTC. “Because of this, our platform creates space for innovation, partnerships, and conversations that significantly shape the future of the clinical and business sides of dentistry.” Courses include education on artificial intelligence, remote patient monitoring, how to get started in virtual care, best practices for mobile and portable care, how to add a virtual or mobile arm to a brick-and-mortar practice, medical-dental integration and prevention-based models of care.. 

This year, NMTC will again host The Denobi Awards, a world-wide industry awards program honoring unsung heroes in dentistry, on the closing night of the 3-day event. Ten individuals and one dental team will be announced live on stage at the annual red-carpet gala. The gala is open to the public and tickets are on sale now at 

Since launch, the community also founded the American Mobile & Teledentistry Alliance (AMTA), a 501c(4) membership association geared towards supporting the dental professionals, dental practices and brands around the world who are utilizing mobile, virtual and other non-traditional care delivery methods. Individual, organizational and corporate memberships are available at 

Press Contact 

Melissa Turner, Co-Founder 

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