Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Gemini EVO™ Laser: The Next Evolution in Laser Dentistry

 Ultradent Products, Inc. has released the Gemini EVO™ Laser, which is said to combine the benefits of higher 100-watt power with the versatility of dual-wavelength design. The Gemini EVO’s 100 watts of super-pulsed power provide faster cutting, less heat, and clean incisions in soft tissue.

The 2 wavelengths—810 nm and 980 nm—can be used individually or together, offering 3 wavelength modes. Select 810 nm for optimal coagulation, 980 nm for optimal ablation, or the dual-wavelength mode for optimal combination.

The Gemini EVO laser features 16 preset procedures divided into 3 categories for efficient, intuitive use. Built-in WiFI connectivity makes it easy to update software or obtain technician support, allowing the laser to sync with the Dashboard to provide valuable data about the machine and procedures. The guided touch interface with voice confirmation helps you make the proper selection with ease.

Users can now perform photobiomodulation therapy treatments (PBMT) with the Gemini EVO’s added category of PBM procedures. The laser makes PBMTs simple and easy by presetting the proper energy density for each PBM adaptor. It also features a PBMT calculator on the mobile dashboard to help determine proper treatment time. Three PBM adaptors are included with the EVO:

3 mm PBM—highly targeted for small treatment areas such as around the lips

7 mm PBM—ideal for localized spot treatment such as for aphthous and herpetic ulcers

25 mm PBM—designed for efficient treatment of large spots such as the area around the TMJ

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