Monday, February 28, 2022

Long-Awaited Solution to Help Fight Secondary Caries is Finally Here


For the last 2-3 years now I have worked with the smart people at Nobio to help them with their Infinix composite.  It is NOW available!  This product can be a serious disruptor/game changer in the restorative market.  Imagine a restorative material that actually kills bacteria.  The press release is below.  As many of you know, I have been placing Infinix restorations for a few months now and they are starting to show up at recare exams.  They look as good today as the day they were placed.  Here is all the info from Nobio:

Nobio Announces the launch of the Infinix™ Advanced Restoratives Product Line Including an Antimicrobial Bonding Agent and the Dental Industry’s First FDA-Cleared Antimicrobial Composites

Kadima, Israel & Middlebury, CT; February 22, 2022 — Nobio Ltd., is excited to announce the official launch of Infinix™, a new line of advanced antimicrobial restorative materials, designed to fight recurrent decay. “The Infinix family of restoratives is the first use case of a fundamental technology platform, that we see as applicable to a wide range of dental and non-dental products,” said Ronen Raz, Nobio’s Chief Operating Officer. The infinix system currently includes universal and flowable composites, as well as a universal bonding system, all incorporating Nobio’s patented QASi™ antimicrobial particle technology. A bulk-fill composite will be added later in 2022. 

“The goal has been to provide long-lasting bacteria inhibition at the restorative margins, reduce tooth demineralization, and as a result reduce restoration failure due to secondary caries,” said Nathan Zaltsman, Nobio’s Chief Technical Officer.  “Our patented antimicrobial technology is scientifically proven to provide a non-leaching, non-releasing, electrostatic contact kill of bacteria in dental restorative materials.” 

“While the antimicrobial properties of infinix are game-changing, we have also worked hard to achieve the handling and aesthetics that dentists need and expect. The feedback from our early users has been fantastic,” said John Scott, Nobio Chief Commercial Officer and head of U.S. operations. The Nobio team will be at the upcoming Chicago Dental Society Annual Meeting (Feb. 24 – 26th) to mark the initial launch. “We invite the entire dental community to learn more about Infinix™ at and are looking forward to in-person discussions with the dentists that attend the upcoming mid-winter meeting at booth #1507,” said Scott.

Infinix products will be available for purchase starting on February 23, 2022. Order online at or by calling (844) INFINIX (463-4649). 

About Nobio

Nobio is a material sciences company that redefines the field of antimicrobial products and solutions with its long-lasting, safe, and highly active novel QASi™ particle technology. Nobio developed and is commercializing Infinix, the first line of dental materials with its revolutionary antimicrobial technology to address the main causes of dental treatment failure and tooth loss. Nobio is also working with leading medical, dental, consumer, and industrial manufacturers to bring long-lasting antimicrobial properties to a wide range of products and applications. For more information, visit or

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