Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Warming Composite is No Longer an Interesting Concept


I've been a big fan of warm composite for years now.  I think that I started with the concept over 15 years ago and I've used it consistently ever since.  Of course you don't have to take my word for it, there has also been tons of research done on the concept and those studies show that the science doesn't lie.

In fact, you can find links to some of those studies as well as a video that shows the science if you follow this link to the Addent Website.

Warming composite increases curing density and makes the material easy to place as well.  In the link above, you can find info not only on warming composites but also on the Calmest device which is the warming device created by Addent.  I love the Calmest system and they have been in my treatment areas as long as I've been working with warmed composites.

However, the one drawback to warming bases is the fact that once you take the material off the warmer ti starts to cool down.  If only there was a way to keep the composite warm right up to the point that it is placed in the preparation.  So say "Hello" to the Compex HD from Addent.  It is the company's newest product the "Thermal Assisted Composite Dispenser".

This high tech device is a dispenser gun that heats the composite capsule as it sits in the barrel.  That solves the problem of the material being warm right up to the point it goes into the prep!

The Compex HD arrived in my office on January 31st and as I type this, I've used it  in a total of ONE procedure.  My initial impressions are very favorable.  The drive feels good in the hands, dispenses composite easily, and performs as expected.  Of course, one procedure is not nearly enough to give an overall evaluation.

I'll continue using it and will report back in a month or so on how my clinical evaluation has progressed.    For you early adopters out there, if you would like to order one of your own right now, here is the link to the Addent website.  

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