Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Oryx Dental Partners with Vyne Dental to Provide Seamless Cloud Based Communications Between Dental Practices and Insurers

Oryx, an AI cloud-based dental practice management software company today announced a new partnership with Vyne Dental. The partnership will elevate the already advanced technology to provide dental practices with a seamless AI cloud-based platform that communicates with insurers in real-time. 

The new partnership between Oryx and Vyne Dental provides dental professionals and their practices with an easy-to-use technology solution that will provide them with an all-in-one business management and patient engagement platform that is easily integrated into their practice, while also simplifying and processing insurance reviews, claims, approvals and reimbursements in real time.

“As the CEO of Oryx and a practicing dentist, I am very excited about our new partnership with Vyne Dental. Today’s dental practice has a greater need to increase the efficiency and management of their practice, patient engagements and insurance claims faster and more efficiently than ever before,” said Rania Saleh, Founder & CEO of Oryx Dental.  “A combination of Oryx’s AI and cloud-based management software partnering with Vyne Dental’s easy-to-use technology is a game-changer for dental practices.”

“Vyne Dental is committed to automating and integrating revenue cycle management technology for the dental community. Our partnership with Oryx leverages our clearinghouse services and expansive payer connectivity to provide an integrated end-to-end solution to reduce the complexities of dental billing,” said Steve Roberts, President of Vyne Dental.

Oryx and Vyne Dental, two of the fastest growing technology and software companies serving the dental industry, will begin providing dentists and their practices with these shared integrated software solutions immediately.

ABOUT ORYX DENTAL: Founded in 2016, Oryx Dental is the only AI cloud-based dental practice management software created by Dentists for Dentists. It is an evidence-based platform that takes a systematic approach to patient care and practice management. Software features include but are not limited to: comprehensive clinical exams within 7-10 minutes; an advanced patient portal with interactive communications that is HIPAA compliant; real time billing and insurance interaction between practices, patient and insurer; cloud imaging; and autogenerated patient risk assessment and personalized reports.

ABOUT VYNE DENTAL: Vyne Dental continues to advance the dental industry by providing technology that improves workflow, reduces administrative costs, and streamlines reimbursements. For more information visit

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