Thursday, March 31, 2022

Envista Obtains FDA Clearance for Assisted Intelligence Mandibular Nerve Tracing

 We are seeing more and more artificial intelligence systems enter into the healthcare space and dentistry in general.  Envista is a large player in the dental space, owning several companies under the "umbrella" of Envista.

Many of the companies that are owned by Envista have products in the tech sphere and the company works hard with research & development to expand the use of its technologies across its portfolio.

Now comes word that the company has received FDA clearance for mapping of the inferior alveolar nerve.  The process, which has been referred to as "nerve tracing" for years has, until now, required manual input from the doctor. 

Before this discovery, it was necessary for the office to take a CBCT scan and then manually trace points along the mandibular canal.  When completed, the software would plot a line through all of the points to indicate the location of the canal throughout the mandible.

Now... that process has been automated.  I recently made a post about the dental A.I. company Pearl and how that company's FDA clearance was a watershed moment in dentistry.  Now we've reached another A.I. milestone in the profession.  This announcement is groundbreaking and these types of A.I. assisted procedures are only going to become more commonplace.

The profession has shown the FDA that these types of systems work reliably and this is only the beginning.  Here is full announcement from Envista:

Envista announced today the 510(k) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance of its Assisted Intelligence (AI) mandibular nerve tracing feature in its image acquisition and diagnostic software platform DTX Studio Clinic.

The tracing of the mandibular nerve in modern dentistry is of high significance as it influences the available therapeutic options for the patient. The proper visualization of the nerve can prevent complications. When done manually, it is a task that can be both time-consuming and error prone. DTX's AI capabilities supports clinicians as they perform this important task.

This clearance complements a series of AI-powered functionality in DTX Studio Clinic. In 2017, Envista obtained FDA clearance for its AI-driven 3D virtual tooth setup algorithm. In 2020, a further clearance was received for automatic tooth position identification and automated sorting of full-mouth x-ray series. On March 25, the FDA cleared the third AI-focused 510(k) for the fully automated mandibular nerve tracing on CBCT scans.

Amir Aghdaei, Envista CEO, said, "This clearance is another important step towards our digital strategy of expanding the capabilities of our powerful, unified, and open dental diagnostic software platform DTX Studio Clinic. With its combination of a user-friendly interface and AI-driven functionality, DTX Studio Clinic reduces the time clinicians spend on time-consuming tasks, while simultaneously helping prevent complications and enabling increased focus on the patient. We are particularly proud of our fully automated mandibular nerve tracing functionality with its high clinical relevance for dental implant-based patient rehabilitations."

About Envista Holdings Corporation

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