Wednesday, March 30, 2022

It Is More Expensive Than Ever Before to Receive a Dental Education

 I've been at this for a few years now, so my stories of "back in the day" were quite a few days back.

Perspective: My fist semester in college (which was in the 80s) cost me $600 tuition... seriously.  Classes were $50 per credit hour and once you attained full-time student status by enrolling in 12 hours, anything over 12 was FREE.

I took 14 hours my first semester and 16 hours the second semester.  Tuition for the full year?  $1200

I did four years of undergraduate study and then I started dental school.  I truly don't remember what my tuition was, but I know it was significantly more than undergraduate.  However, significantly more may have been around $3000.  I think it was in that neighborhood.

How times have changed!  Today is another short post, because all of the info is in the link.  The ADA has created a page with all kinds of statistics dealing with dental education "Then & Now".

Patients sometimes wonder why dentistry is do expensive.  Even if you are not in the profession or considering the profession as you life's calling, you should still take a look at the info the ADA has provided.  The amount of money it takes to be trained is now staggering.  Students come out with a severe amount of debt.

When you then consider that a new dentist wanting to open their own office must go to a bank and accrue even MORE debt... well it's scary, very scary.  The numbers are massive.

Take a look at the ADA page and I think you'll see what I mean...  

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