Thursday, March 10, 2022

VOCO Retraction Paste – Astringent Retraction Paste with Extra-long and Fine Tip that Fits Directly into the Sulcus.

For those of you "in the trenches" of clinical dentistry, here's a product that you should be aware of that just hit the market.  It's VOCO's new Retraction Paste.

For fixed prosthetics and also for subgingival Class V restorations, many of us reach for retraction cord.  I'll be the first to say retraction cord works... but it's not the most efficient way to do things.  Heck, walking works too, but if I need to get to the west coast, I'm flying.

That's why I'm excited the VOCO has this new product now available.  I've been working with it for about a month now and I have had good experiences with the product.  It is easy to place, works well for retraction, and rinses away easily.  This is definitely one of those products you need to have in your toolkit to make things easier and help you provide better outcomes for your patients.

Here is the full press release from VOCO:

 Introducing VOCO Retraction Paste, an astringent paste with aluminum chloride that effectively widens and dries the gingival sulcus, creating the ideal conditions for accurate and successful digital or conventional impressions. VOCO engineered a special unit dose capsule with two goals in mind: first, to make application easy and precise and second, to avoid injury to the gingiva. Therefore, VOCO opted to create an extra-long, fine tip made of soft plastic instead of metal. This ensures that the opening of the tip does not have any sharp edges. The special rheology of the capsule design allows for the reduction of the force required to extrude the paste. Each unit dose capsule is packaged in a single-dose ISO blister pack, reducing hygiene concerns. At 0.3 g per cap, there is enough material for up to three sulci.

A two-phase consistency makes for simple application. First, the paste easily flows under low pressure for precise application. Afterwards, it increases its viscosity to remain stable in the sulcus, stops bleeding, displaces moisture, and leads to effective temporary widening. VOCO Retraction paste comes in a bright turquoise blue color, providing high contrast to tooth structure and gingiva, ensuring that the paste is visible and can be easily rinsed off after only 1 – 2 minutes.

VOCO Retraction Paste can save up to 50% of the practitioner’s procedural time compared to other methods and brands, and it can be used as a replacement for, or in combination with a retraction cord.

Catalog Description:

Fast, easy, and effective aluminum chloride-based astringent retraction paste in a unit-dose capsule with extra-long and fine tip that fits directly into the sulcus. Highly visible turquoise blue color, rinseable for easy clean-up. Hygienic single-dose blister pack. 


For temporary retraction of the marginal gingiva to provide a dry gingival sulcus when the periodontium is healthy

Analog or digital impressions

Cementation of temporary and permanent restorations

Preparation of class II and V restorations


Aluminum chloride-based – for a clean and dry sulcus

Unit dose with extra-long, thin and flexible tip – for hygienic, simple and precise application into the sulcus

2-Stage Viscosity – initially flowable for easy, low-force application, then stabilizes for optimal retraction

Turquoise blue color – contrasts well with the gingiva

Easily rinseable – for quick clean-up

Up to 50% faster - compared to just cord

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