Thursday, June 20, 2024

Looking for a Way to Save Endo Sealer? Try Vista-Apex MST Tips


Endodontics has come a long way in the last decade or so.  Instruments keep getting better, irrigation has gotten better with a lot of new products, plus ultrasonic irrigation.  Of course the latest and greatest innovation in the last 2 or 3 years has been bioceramic sealers.

The new bioceramic sealers are tissue friendly and make placement easy... or usually easy.  We all have our little tricks for getting the sealer placed, but what if there was a better way?

If you perform endodontics, you know that sealer is precious.  Wasting sealer wreaks havoc on your inventory control, not to mention the costs involved.  Plus, some bioceramic sealers require a dual-barrel syringe and a spiral mixing tip.  Other have tips come with a fairly large connection to the syringe containing the material.

Placing sealer is more difficult with a dual-barrel material since it is more difficult to deliver it where it's needed, while the larger connectors can make it difficult to have visual access to the field.

That's why I've become a big fan of the MST from Vista-Apex.  MST stands for "Material Saving Tip".  That's because a lot of tips trap sealer in them that has to thrown away when the tip is disposed of.  The MST fits any standard Luer-lock syringe and is designed to get the material where you need it with minimal waste.  It will not attach to a dual barrel syringe, but if you are using a Bioceramic sealer delivered by a single barrel, this is something I think you should consider.

I especially like the MST Visco-tip that is designed to deliver viscous sealer.  The tip itself is a 25 gauge and can be easily curved or bent to help with delivery.  The feature that I really appreciate is because it is smaller in size than most endodontic sealer tips, it is easier to see into the access and canal orifice.  That makes the actual delivery of the sealer easier and more predictable.  It can be used to deliver both Bioceramic sealers as well as Calcium Hydroxide for 2 visit cases.  

I have been using MSTs for several months and I really like them.  It is available in both a polymer tip as well as stainless steel.  If you're interested, you can find more info here.  

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