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First-Ever Mobile Dental Coach By Industry Leaders Rolls Off Assembly Line


One of the things I think the industry needs to focus on is care for those who are homebound or live in nursing facilities.  Human beings are living longer than ever before, but our ability to provide them quality of life is being exceeded by this extended lifespan.  There are lots of people who simply cannot come to a dental office.  How do we care for these people?  Dental health is a factor in quality of life as well as life expectancy.  Nursing homes are understaffed and those staff members are overworked.

Recently it was brought to my attention that Benco Dental and Matthews Specialty Vehicles are making an effort to take dentistry to where it's needed.  Their solution is a mobile dental unit that can go to those folks in need.  Benco sent me a series of photos (2 are included in this post) and the vehicle looks impressive.  State of the art care can definitely be delivered with all these offer. The vehicles are available for purchase now.

Here is all the information:

Benco Dental, the nation's largest independent distributor of oral healthcare technology and supplies, and Matthews Specialty Vehicles, America's premier builder of mobile healthcare coaches since 1992, have merged their unequaled combined experience to offer customers one expert resource for custom, turnkey mobile dental coaches that are crafted without compromise.

The first production model is available now to experience by appointment, subject to prior sale. Fully ADA compliant in all 50 states, it is equipped with two complete operatories and a full stericenter as well as reception area, network hookups and monitors in each operatory. However, every example is custom designed according to each customers’ individual preferences and built to order in virtually any practical configuration.

The Benco Dental Mobile Dental Coach is a cohesively designed platform that integrates Matthews Specialty Vehicles’ trademark build quality, dependability, longevity and easy drivability with Benco Dental's state-of-the-art practice planning expertise. It is ideal for CHCs, schools, institutions and progressive for- profit dental practices.

Interior outfitting of each coach is executed by Benco Dental’s cross-country team of full-time installation professionals in concert with in-house interior designers based at the company's industry-leading CenterPoint equipment showrooms/dental practice design centers in Southern California, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Equipment is available from innovative providers like DCI, Vatech, Midmark, Belmont, and SciCan.

Customers also have the added option of collaborating with Benco Dental's full-time, in-house, Build Your Brand team of award-winning graphic artists to craft the vehicle's exterior and interior visual identity, from colors to logo, either from a clean sheet of paper or by adapting customers’ existing brand assets.

“This one-of-a-kind partnership truly reflects how Benco Dental is driving dentistry forward, together, and exemplifies our values of innovation and helping the communities our customers serve,” said Julie Radzyminski, Benco Dental's Vice President of Business Development. “The Benco Dental Mobile Dental Coach was conceived to make it easy for providers to deliver the best patient outcomes. It’s a solution- focused product that’s easy to drive, straightforward to maintain, and goes where its owners do with peace of mind, security and safety they can rely on.”

Michelle Shupe, Director of Sales and Marketing at Matthews Specialty Vehicles, said, "Partnering with Benco Dental—and leveraging our long track record of successfully building mobile health clinics for the purpose of expanding access to care—is a unique and gratifying opportunity for the Matthews team. We’re excited at the prospect of working with a wide range of future clients to co-develop one-of-a-kind vehicles that open up new possibilities.”

Prospective buyers can go hands-on with the coach by scheduling a VIP trip with Benco Dental and Matthews Specialty Vehicles. Existing Benco Dental customers should contact their Friendly Benco Reps to make arrangements. New customers, call 1-800-GO-BENCO.

About Benco Dental

At Benco Dental, we believe that dental providers deserve a partner on their side. We’re proud to be a national dental distributor with a century-long history, strong distribution network, and a comprehensive range of products, solutions, and services. We offer the unwavering support that can only come from a privately-owned company with the flexibility to do what is in customers’ best interests, so they can focus on growing their practices and delivering the best patient outcomes. Our collaborations with the industry’s leading vendors, buoyed by the market’s best- trained sales and field service team plus our proven track record of agility, helps launch countless new innovations each year. Together, we are driving dentistry forward. Visit

About Matthews Specialty Vehicles

Matthews Specialty Vehicles, Inc. has been the premier specialty vehicle manufacturer since 1992. The company is a recognized global leader in the custom design and manufacture of purpose-built specialty vehicles for commercial applications, including mobile healthcare, biomedical services, bloodmobiles, bookmobiles, classrooms, public safety, and shuttles. Matthews’ custom builds can be found serving private sector organizations, law enforcement agencies, governments, and military organizations across the US and around the world. For more information, please visit

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