Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Ken Reed, DMD Agrees to Serve as Director of Dental Anesthesiology at new UNLV Program


Some times great things happen for great people.  Today's post is where I get to tell you about one of those people and one of those things.

I am *thrilled* to announce that Ken Reed, DMD has agreed to serve as Director of Dental Anesthesiology at UNLV (University of Nevada - Las Vegas) school of dentistry.  I've know Ken since the late 1990s where we met in the IDF (Internet Dental Forum) which was the first true online discussion group exclusively for dentists.  We were both early adopters of tech and met in the IDF where, at the time there were about 40 member dentists.

Even back then, what stood out about Ken was his encyclopedic knowledge of pharmacology.  If someone had a question about a prescription or OTC medication, you could count on him to provide fast and accurate information.

Over the years, his knowledge and dedication to the profession grew.  He was trained as a periodontist at the University of Oregon, but it was his knowledge and understanding of pharmacology that became his passion.  He eventually stepped away from practicing Periodontics to devote himself full time to being a mobile anesthesiologist who provided IV sedation.  He found himself in high demand as doctors requested him to come to their offices and sedate fearful patients.  Ken would provide and monitor the IV sedation and anesthesia for the patient while the treating doctor focused on providing the necessary dental care.  He became a "go to" person for the profession both clinically and educationally.

Over the decades since, Ken and I have become good friends and I still reach out to him with questions about pharmacology.  Several times over the years, I have hosted hands-on training courses in my office and I've been privileged to have Ken be there to teach new and time tested techniques to the attendees.  There's nothing quite like watching a dentist give an injection to another dentist.  And for the non-dentists reading this... yes, we actually do that from time to time.  Ken would stand nearby watching the technique and coaching the doctors about the proper way to do things.  Those doctors walked away with the knowledge to make their patients more comfortable.

Ken also became a clinical instructor of IV sedation, teaching along with the other super stars in the profession, like Dr. Stanley Malamed (who wrote the textbook on Anesthesiology I used in dental school).

Now, Ken is off on another adventure.  He has accepted the job of Program Director at UNLV where he will be in charge of the Dental Anesthesiology training of doctors.  I'm confident that those students he trains will be the next generation of super stars.  Ken is providing the foundation for that next generation.  He is definitely going to leave the profession in a better place due to his knowledge, dedication, and hard work.

If you are dentist who has an interest in providing IV sedation to your patients, UNLV is accepting applications for their residency program.  Ken will be starting at UNLV in July 2024 and the program will actually start in July 2025.  They are currently accepting applications.

I *know* that if Ken is in charge of training you, the experience will be life changing for you and your patients.

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