Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Dentistry.One Adds former Byte® Executive Jodi Maggin to Leadership Team


The MouthWatch company is definitely on the move in the dental industry.  The company sells the well known MouthWatch intraoral camera and also has the TeleDent telehealth and mobile dentistry platform as well.  The company has a great management team and is working on bringing accessible dental care to those who need a solution that isn't exclusive focused on in-person consultations.  Personally, I think we are rapidly approaching a point where there is going to be a significant number of people that, for a variety of reasons, will need to have a mobile or portable type of dental treatment.  For instance, in 2020 the United States had over 1.3 million nursing home residents... and that number is only increasing.  Pairing that number with those who have a question or concern, but can't take off time from work for an office visit and it's easy to see what Dentistry.One is working to help.

Now the company has brought on another expert to their management team.  Read on for the details...

Dentistry.One, a virtual-first dental care solution introduced by MouthWatch, LLC, recently welcomed Jodi Maggin, former senior executive at Byte®,  to the company’s leadership team as Vice President, Business Development. 

In her newly created role, Ms. Maggin will help drive company growth by developing business opportunities and strategic partnerships with individuals and organizations committed to improving patient health outcomes, including dental plans, employers, benefits brokers, and healthcare consumers. 

"We are thrilled to welcome Jodi to the team," said Brant Herman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MouthWatch and Dentistry.One. "Her proven track record of bringing virtual dental care to today's patients aligns perfectly with our strategic priority of expanding access and improving health outcomes through Dentistry.One. We look forward to leveraging Jodi's experience to accelerate the recognition of Dentistry.One as an integral part of a dental benefits portfolio or as a cost-effective standalone benefit."

Recognizing the growing evidence connecting a healthy mouth with a healthy body and the access barriers often preventing dental care, MouthWatch introduced Dentistry.One in 2023. With a nationwide network of online dentists, personalized care coordination, oral health coaching, and benefits navigation to help patients more easily obtain care, Dentistry.One helps individuals prioritize their oral health. 

 “It is an honor to join Dentistry.One and contribute to the growth of an organization so passionately committed to improving oral health through innovative technology,” said Ms. Maggin. “A virtual care option is expected by many of today’s healthcare consumers, and vital for the over 70 million Americans living in dental provider shortage areas. I look forward to collaborating with our stakeholders who share a mutual interest in making dental care more accessible and convenient for everyone.”

Ms. Maggin previously served as Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Byte, an online platform offering a nationwide network of licensed orthodontists and dentists who prescribe at-home treatment plans for invisible aligners. In this role, she created the Business-to-Business Group division, building strategic partnerships with employee and member-driven groups, including insurance carriers, insurance brokers, resellers, and other key alliances.

Prior to Byte, Ms. Maggin held leadership positions at several healthcare insurance organizations where she was responsible for building strategic relationships, driving sales, and developing business opportunities. Ms. Maggin earned her master’s degree from the University of Baltimore and her undergraduate degree from Towson University. 

“50-70% of the U.S. population do not regularly see a dentist, which can affect a person’s overall health and wellness,” said Ms. Maggin. “I look forward to working with organizations and groups who recognize the importance of oral health and are looking to enhance their existing dental benefits offering or add an alternative oral health solution.”

Jodi can be reached at

About MouthWatch, LLC 

MouthWatch, LLC, is a leader in developing digital technology solutions that drive success for dental professionals, improve oral health care, and enhance the overall patient experience.

Headquartered in Metuchen, New Jersey, MouthWatch is widely known for its intraoral cameras that help engage patients in treatment planning through high quality, affordable imaging technology, and its TeleDent software that provides practices and organizations with a teledentistry option to engage patients with providers remotely.  

MouthWatch recently launched Dentistry.One, a virtual-first care network that addresses the expectations of today’s modern healthcare consumers, the need for greater efficiency in healthcare, and the proven connection between good oral health and total health. Dentistry.One features on-demand dental consultations, personalized care coordination, and oral health coaching for prioritizing oral health.

MouthWatch hardware and software is in use at over 40,000 practices, over 30 leading Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), and over 100 dental schools. The company has been recognized three times in the Inc. 5000. For more information, visit or


  1. I love the Mouthwatch cameras.
    Easy to automatically deploy into Eaglesoft environments.
    Now if I could get just someone at Mouthwatch to site up and pay attention to two things...:

    1. Provide an MSI file (not an exe file with a password)

    2. Make the mouthwach camera a standard USB Video device so it can be recorded not only in Eaglesoft, but also from non-Windows devices like Chromebooks. Should be a fairly simple change and would potentially take the market by storm when you no longer need all the garbage that goes along with a Windows environment (licensing, AV, IT company, etc...) just to take a video exam.

  2. Hi Aaron. Wanted you to know I've just passed this comment along to the folks I know at MouthWatch. If I get a response, I'll let you know. As always, thanks for the comments. They are always appreciated!