Thursday, November 30, 2023

Webinar: Not Just Another Manual IPR System & Why You Should Care


Are you interested in some FREE Continuing Education as well as learning something that is simple and has immediate practical applications?  If so, make plans for Tuesday December 5th at 8:00pm Eastern time for my webinar "Webinar: Not Just Another Manual IPR System & Why You Should Care".

Clear aligner therapy has become a huge part of many practices and the field only continues to grow.  As those of you who provide this treatment know, IPR can be critical to a case and performing it quickly and easily is a benefit to both the patient and the doctor.

Most doctors currently performing IPR are doing so using abrasive strips or abrasive strips that are supported by a small plastic handle.  While those systems work, they frequently are not easy to use.  Getting them into the interproximal contact can be difficult and once in place, applying the necessary force can be a challenge.  Add to that the caution needed to not cause iatrogenic injury to the soft tissues.  Some doctors use abrasive discs, but those instruments come with a separate list of risks and challenges.

That's why I am so enthusiastic about the DentaSonic system.  The company makes an entire line of abrasive instruments including strips with those little plastic handles I mentioned above.  However, the best thing they make, and the thing we'll be discussing on Tuesday evening, is their strip system that uses a handpiece.

The webinar will be hosted by my friend and technology expert Dr. Lorne Lavine and is being presented through GoldenDent.  I hope to see many of you logging in!

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