Thursday, November 23, 2023

The 2023 Version of - What I'm Thankful For...


I haven't done this for a few years, so I thought I'd get back in the swing of a post that lets all of you know what I am thankful for this year.  You know, life is funny sometimes.  We, as human beings are sort of programmed to look at things a bit negatively.  Not always horribly, mind you, but just not quite as positively as we probably could.

Now, maybe that's just my perception.  I'll gladly admit that.  However I do think it is because of our 24 hour news cycle that we tend to focus on the problems and not on the good.  So here's a brief list of what I'm thankful for...

  • My best friend - she knows who she is
  • The dolphin trainer
  • The rocket scientist
  • The artist
  • My friends who are there to celebrate when things go great and who hold me up when things go bad
  • Baseball, because the game is timeless and numbers are fascinating
  • The office gang, because I couldn't do it without you
  • My patients because your trust in me has made my dreams come true
  • Z-Cat because of those soft paws and your effort to win me over no matter how much I claimed to be a "dog guy".
  • God, because nothing exists without the almighty
  • St. Michael because... well, because he is St. Michael
  • Cool autumn evenings
  • Santa because he lets me see the world through the eyes of children
  • Tech because without tech, where would I be now?
  • All of you, because you have given me an outlet for my creativity and a voice to help make things better...
Go spend time with ones you love.  Remember that love is one of the few commodities we can't run out of, so spend as much of it as you can!

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