Thursday, November 16, 2023

Admira Fusion BXL - VOCO Announces New Shades for the Admira Fusion Line of Composite

I've been a fan of VOCO products for a long time.  I use VisCalor, Grandio blocks (in my DGShape DWX-42W mill), and I also use Admira Fusion.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the Admira Fusion line, it is a composite that actually incorporates ceramic particles into the mix.  This gives the material incredible shade stability as well as allowing for phenomenal finishing and polishing.  It is very hard to stain a ceramic and that is why Admira Fusion looks so good for so long.  Now comes word from the smart minds at VOCO that they have added some new shades to Admira Fusion.

VOCO Expands Bleach Shade Offerings Within its All Ceramic-based Packable Nano-ORMOCER Restorative

Further enhancing the esthetics of its universal nano-ORMOCER material, VOCO has added to its bleach shade offerings with Admira Fusion BXL, bringing the total number of available shades for this material to 19. This new shade is available in both 0.2g caps and 3g syringes.

Admira Fusion is a universal nano-hybrid ORMOCER (Organically-Modified CERamic) restorative material that provides extremely low shrinkage (1.25%), immediate and long-term esthetics, easy handling, and superior biocompatibility, without any BPA or traditional monomers (BisGMA, UDMA, TEGDMA, UDMA or HEMA).

It is a universal restorative material, indicated for Class I to Class V restorations, composite inlays, core build-ups, and as a base for Class I and Class II cavities. It is the world's first all ceramic-based direct universal restorative material, and features Pure Silicate Technology, with fillers and matrix based purely on silicon oxide. This technology reduces shrinkage and shrinkage stress by up to 50% and features outstanding shade stability.

Admira Fusion is compatible with all conventional bonding agents, has a non-sticky consistency for easy handling, and offers a perfect balance of translucency and opacity for natural looking restorations. It is easy to polish to a high shine luster and has a high 84% fill rate for high wear resistance.


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