Monday, November 20, 2023

ADA Survey Looks at Dentist Workload and Impact from Staffing Shortages


I have been a member of the ADA for a very long time now.  The simple reason is that I feel dentistry needs a unified voice.  When I started practice there weren't many large group practices and almost every dentist practiced in a small business kind of setting.  Due to that, it was difficult to get the messages and concerns of those singular to those who needed to hear it.  The ADA was the answer to that problem.

The ADA is involved in a lot of ways to make dentistry better and since the pandemic they have been doing a lot of surveys and number crunching to give America's dentists a better idea of where the profession is going and what it is going through.

The pandemic also created a workforce shortage.  Many team members left the profession during the Covid shutdown and a lot of them simply didn't return when things settled down.  Those impacts are *still* being felt in the industry.  To try and find out the impact, the ADA Health Policy Institute (HPI) has been doing a series of surveys.

There is some very important data in this most recent survey.  If you would like to review the entire workload impact information (which I strongly suggest), head on over the ADA website for all the details.

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