Wednesday, November 15, 2023

DMG to Launch Ecosite Elements Universal Composite


If you are planning on attending the Greater New York Dental Meeting later this month, make sure you go by the DMG booth to take a look at their new composite... Ecosite Elements.  Here is what the company has told me about it...

The new exceptionally esthetic and efficient composite system with maximum shade combinations and unbeatable handling 

DMG will formally unveil its new Ecosite Elements nanohybrid universal composite shade system at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, November 26-29, 2023. It will be available for dental professionals to purchase beginning November 1st, 2023. The company’s latest breakthrough can be used to master composite restorations, especially esthetically challenging cases. 

Ecosite Elements is the result of countless discussions and workshops with leading clinicians, coupled with innovative research conducted by DMG scientists. The nanohybrid composite is intended for dental professionals to deliver esthetically exceptional restorations, quickly and efficiently. 

Dr. Scott Chanin, one of the material system’s original evaluators, states “There’s a wide range of flexibility with this Ecosite Elements that allows you to obtain an ideal result easily. Everything you need in one system.” 

The keys to Ecosite Elements’ unique capabilities are as follows: 

  • Amazingly compact to simplify your life o The Ecosite Elements line’s compact range of shades across three modules (Pure, Layer and Highlight) represents a much more manageable selection than some other competitors’ systems may require, which means significant reductions in storage and inventory expense. Packaged in ergonomically optimized dispensers the shades provide all the options needed for dentin or enamel replacement, layering, individualization and covering discolorations, with simple and accurate shade matching. 
  • NC1 (non-clustering) technology for perfect polishability and esthetics o Ecosite Elements’ state-of-the-art mechanical values are perfectly suited for the anterior and posterior regions. With the precise silanization of individual ultrafine filler elements enabling exceptionally homogeneous distribution, its NC1 technology delivers optimum working characteristics and polishability and esthetic results. 
  • Push-and-Flow restorative technique makes handling a dream o The NC1 technology makes the novel Push-and-Flow technique possible, enabling the material to adjust to each situation. The initially firm consistency quickly becomes noticeably softer during sculpting, allowing the material to be securely adapted to the cavity walls and eliminating bubbles or cracks. With perfectly accurate anatomical details, the finals restoration look lifelike. 

“Even in anterior cases, the restoration looks incredibly real,” Dr. Alan Pressman said. “The base VITA shade matches the opacity or translucency of the tooth next to it, and then you can cover that with the next shade module. If you are trying to match a veneer on tooth No. 8 with tooth No. 9 and there is some imperfection on the enamel, you can't tell the difference.” 

Ecosite Elements is the latest addition of innovative composite offerings from DMG, which include such industry-leading, award-winning materials as Luxatemp bis-acrylic provisional material and LuxaCore Z Dual core build-up and post cementation composite. 

The new composite can also be used in concert with other advanced materials in the Ecosite family, including Ecosite Bulk Fill and Ecosite Bond. 

Demonstrations and complimentary samples of Ecosite Elements will be available at the DMG booth #2822 during the Greater New York Dental Meeting on November 26-29, 2023, that will be held at the Jacob Javitz convention center in New York City. 

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About DMG 

DMG manufactures and distributes a full range of market-leading dental materials and equipment that are internationally recognized for their quality and innovation. Known for its breakthrough dental technology – including flagship products like Luxatemp® and LuxaCore® Z Dual, the revolutionary Icon® resin infiltrant, LuxaCrown® long-term crown and bridge material, and new additions such as Ecosite Elements universal composite and DentaMile® 3D printing solution, complete with software, hardware and resins – DMG is committed to helping provide holistic solutions and streamlined workflows for dental and lab professionals to meet their needs through innovation, collaboration, and dedication. For more information about DMG products, or to find a sales representative, please visit online at, or call 800-662-6383.

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