Monday, January 2, 2023

Sticky Password Announces Enhancement to Premium Subscription by Partnering with ARC


I've been a big fan of Sticky Password (as well as a customer) for quite a few years.  The company provides a very robust password manager program.  I'm especially impressed with their Premium Subscription model that gives you one user for a lifetime and currently only costs $79.99 or if you want to go with a one year subscription you can do so for only $29.99

The best part of the Premium Subscription is that the company is now offering a one year FREE subscription to Dark Web Monitoring powered by ARC.  This is a product from Crossword Cybersecurity.

If you are looking for a resolution for 2023, might I recommend downloading and using Sticky Password?  Security of your logins, passwords, and identity is a subject that I am very passionate about.  You cannot be too security conscious!

The world we live in is rife with security risks and it is imperative to be as vigilant as possible when it comes to username and password hygiene.  This is where ARC comes in.  Often when login credentials are hacked or stolen from large companies, the criminals will steal massive amounts of login info which they will then post on the Dark Web.  Sometimes the criminals are hoping to sell the data while other time it is simply posted for anyone to download.  ARC constantly crawls and monitors looking for such data troves.  IF your data is leaked, you are notified as soon as the data is available.  This allows YOU the user to be able to change your credentials before any nefarious party can use it and access your account.

This protection is now integrated into the Premium version of Sticky Password and the first year is free.

Sticky Password is a great password manager program that I personally use and rely on.  In addition to the Dark Web monitoring now offered through ARC, Sticky Password also offers the following features:

  • Remembers passwords and logins
  • Automatically fills out forms and logs you in
  • Generates super strong passwords
  • Keeps your credit card data safe
  • Lets you securely share passwords and logins wit others
  • Works on all devices and in most browsers
  • Syncs your data across all of your devices
  • Protects notes that you can make and want to keep private
The company also donates money to save endangered manatees.  This program is robust, easy to use, and *highly* recommended.  You can also download and try a free version.  Give it a try and I think you'll like this program.  Anyone that does not have a password manager in today's environment is putting their data and their identity at risk.  Download Sticky Password and give it a try.  

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