Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Dentulu and Pearl Partnership Brings Clinical AI to Teledentistry


Over the past 5 years or so, I have consulted and worked with a few companies that have looked at bringing Artificial Intelligence into to profession of dentistry.  Because of my work in that tech space, I quickly became enamored with ability to have an objective second party view x-rays and offer an opinion.  Back then the interfaces were "kludgy" at best.  Getting the images loaded and analyzed took an unacceptable amount of time, but the results were amazing!

That's the thing about my work in the early stages of a tech development.  You can *see* the future, but you can't get there quite yet.  My work on these types of systems are always time limited.  Companies have me looking at solutions and offering my opinions and recommendations, but at the end of the contract, they move on to continue their development and hopefully can incorporate some of my suggestions.

I have been in love with the concept of A.I. in dentistry since I first became aware of it.  ANYTHING that provides accurate data to help the doctor make decisions is something I'm in favor of.  In fact, I'm so smitten with the concept, that I recently became a Pearl client.  I find this especially interesting for me since I didn't actually work with Pearl in any capacity prior to signing up.  However, my experience in consulting with A.I. companies put me in a good spot to gauge what was a superior product and what wasn't.  To that end, I chose Pearl based on a lot of reasons, but one of them was the incredible number of FDA Clearances the company received.  Pearl has worked hard to create a really solid platform.

I also like the idea that the gentleman who founded the company is the son of a dentist.  That gives the company a perspective of what it's like to be "in the trenches".  I am also glad to support a company that is not trying to see their platform to third party payers.  Some A.I. companies are marketing to insurance companies with the sales pitch being A.I. can be used to help deny claims.  I refuse to support a company that is trying to generate revenue from both sides of the equation.  Pearl is NOT doing that and I want to emphasize that decision is critical to industry acceptance by doctors.

I'm also a fan of teledentistry.  Our society has a phenomenal healthcare system and, due to that, U.S. citizens are living longer.  However, with a longer lifespan, people will also require a better support system for their oral care.  That's where teledentistry comes in.  As people age, they aren't as mobile and often rely on others for transportation.  It is going to become much more important for auxiliary personnel to go into care facilities to collect data and then relay that to doctors.  This means that x-rays and photos will need to sent to doctors who can then decide courses of treatment to provide the patient with the best care possible for them.

That's why I'm excited about Pearl and Dentulu partnering to provide this type of tech integration.  Here are all the details:

Dentulu, the leading Teledentistry network and two-time Cellerant “Best of Class” Teledentistry Technology winner, has partnered with Pearl, the 2022 “Best of Class” AI Technology winner, to enable Dentulu’s Teledentists to achieve the highest level of diagnostic performance while elevating the patient experience with the most powerful AI-backed dental software on the market. Pearl’s Second Opinion® is the only clinical AI software with regulatory clearance as a patient-facing radiologic aid to dentists for detection of numerous dental conditions. Dentulu users will be able to apply the full range of Second Opinion® capabilities across the imagery they capture, upload, and store on Dentulu.

“Dentulu’s mission to provide transparent, innovative, and comprehensive care to our patients aligns with Pearl’s ongoing advancements and contributions within the dental industry, and we are proud to offer this technology to the thousands of patients and providers that utilize our platform across the nation,” said Dr. Arash Hakhamian, CEO of Dentulu. “Second Opinion® was recently featured on TIME’s list of inventions that deliver groundbreaking impact on consumers and society as a whole, and falls perfectly in line with Dentulu’s mission to integrate the best of the best from the dental industry within its dental ecosystem.”

In 2022, Second Opinion® became the first-and-only chairside AI radiologic aid authorized by the FDA to read both bitewing and periapical x-rays of adult teeth in patients as young as 12 years old. Prior to this Pearl-Dentulu partnership, Pearl’s AI technology has only been available to brick-and-mortar dentists, who utilize its advanced capabilities in real-time as a patient-facing radiologic aid in the dental operatory.

“AI is a transformative dental technology not only because it elevates the standard of care, but also because it has the potential to democratize access to higher quality dentistry,” said Pearl CEO and founder, Ophir Tanz. “Our partnership with Dentulu represents an important step forward for dental care in the digital era, because together we are realizing that democratizing potential by bringing the benefits of AI beyond the dental office to any patient with an internet connection.”

Dentulu has established innovative marketing channels with companies like Walgreens and LG televisions to provide new ways for patients to experience Teledentistry and access to dental services. Patients can access Dentulu Teledentists on their mobile phones, tablets, computers, and even smart televisions, where they will be able to upload radiographs and intraoral pictures to receive virtual consultations and second opinions from licensed dentists. Dentists and care coordinators will now be able to leverage findings from Pearl’s Second Opinion® to validate their recommendations with patients. When patients are referred for an in-person evaluation at a local dental office, they can share the AI findings and be better prepared and educated on what to expect.

The two companies expect to launch their partnership in Q1 of 2023.

About Dentulu

Dentulu is a nationwide Teledentistry network helping provide innovative dental solutions to patients across the United States. They are the inventors of the MouthCam consumer intra-oral camera and operate the world’s most comprehensive HIPAA compliant Teledentistry platform. Dentulu is founded and backed by leading dental professionals and also provides a B2B ecosystem where it features the best dental companies on its professional provider marketplace. For more information or to partner with Dentulu, please visit https://www.dentulu.com

About Pearl

Pearl is leading the global dental AI revolution with groundbreaking computer vision solutions that elevate efficiency, accuracy and the standard of care in dentistry. In 2022, its Second Opinion® AI software became the first-and-only real-time chairside pathology detection aid cleared by the FDA to help dentists detect multiple conditions in patient x-rays. For more information or to request a demonstration, please visit https://www.hellopearl.com.

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