Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The Mac Malware of 2022 👾 A Comprehensive Analysis of the Year's New Malware


As a fairly dedicated Mac user, I've grown to appreciate all of the cool things that Apple has provided to folks over the years.   I've been at this for so long, that I can remember the iconic "I'm a Mac" and "I'm a PC" commercials.  Back then, we didn't really worry much about Mac malware simply because there wasn't a huge number of Macs in use.  It was much easier for criminals to go after the low hanging fruit with the huge number of Windows machines in use.

Now, not so much.  Things have changed and Mac malware is a real thing.

Thankfully we have Patrick Wardle and his project, affectionately called "Objective-See".  Patrick is a world class, and frankly world famous, programmer, hacker, and security expert.  I'm also proud to call him a friend.

Through his work with Objective-See (a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation), he designs and provides for free tools that monitor the Mac operating system for all kinds of bad stuff.  He requests, but does not require, support through Patreon to help with his work... and I highly recommend that you do so.  I do.

Recently, Patrick released his analysis of Mac Malware for the year past.  2022 was a fairly prolific year for the bad guys and Patrick has created a very detailed blog post about these baddies.  He also routinely posts to his blog about all kinds of security issues in the Mac World.

Patrick is truly one of the "good guys" in the computer security world.  He has found bugs in major platforms (Zoom is one that I can recall) that he has called to a company's attention and helped them fix.

If you are a Mac user, you need to be aware of the work done by Objective-See and you for sure need to be using their tools.  The entire list of these free Mac security apps can be found here.  

There are not many people out there who can do the things Patrick can do and when you combine that simple fact with the *remarkable* fact that he does this FOR FREE, it is a win-win for those of us who are users but not capable of fending off malware without expert help.  That is why I *highly recommend* supporting Patrick's work by helping fund it through Patreon.  Your support will help him continue to develop and freely distribute his security tools.

So enjoy the blog post on the 2022 Malware and be sure to use the free tools Patrick has developed.

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