Thursday, January 26, 2023

DGShape DWX-42W Mill Continues to Impress


I've received some inquiries on my continuing adventure with the DGShape DWX-42W wet mill, so I thought I would post some info on how well our experience has been going.

The DWX-42W is one of the best things we've added to the practice.  The learning curve was short, the restorations are stunning, and the device is an absolute workhorse.  Scratch that, maybe I should say this thing is a *beast*.

By that, I mean that it is durable and reliable. Mechanically we have had zero problems.  I am impressed with the durability the mill has displayed.  In our 10 months with it, all we have had to do is replace some burs and change filters (both of these items are part of routine disposables/maintenance). 

We have paired the machine with exocad design software to design the restorations.

The crowns, inlays, and onlays that the mill produces are incredible!  When we first started with the mill I went so far as to have 2 restorations fabricated for several of our first cases.  The idea was to give me the opportunity to compare lab fabricated versus mill fabricated crowns and I would then permanently place the one that I liked best.  The staff provided them to me in a blinded manner so that I wouldn't know which was which.  In that brief evaluation of ten crowns, I could not distinguish one from the other, even evaluating them at 5.0x magnification.

As someone who had been evaluating the entire CAD/CAM landscape for a while, I have been very pleased with the benefits.  We are making fewer temporaries which means patients get the benefit of not having to wear them, have them come off, or breaking them.  Obviously this is a nice benefit of same day delivery.

We also have cases that, for scheduling of patients who need a shorter appointment, we are doing "next day" care.  This means that the crowns are milled the same day, but bonded next day.  That, of course, means that even though the patient wears a temp, it is a *much* shorter amount of time to put up with one

Acceptance by patients has been tremendous.  Once word got out of our ability to create a lot of cases in-house, we began to get phone calls and in office patient requests.  That of course then translated to more phone calls and even more in office patient requests.

Our experience has been tremendous.  The DWX-42W is *highly recommended*.  

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