Thursday, January 19, 2023

Orascoptic Announces Ergo Loupe - and a Discount!


The idea of using magnification to better support your posture is not a new one.  In fact, one of the great things about magnification as an operator is the benefit it brings to your neck and back.

Now Orascoptic has made available what I call "declination" telescopes.  The concept is that the operator sits up perfectly straight and the telescope bends.  The Ergo allows you to sit straight with your eyes straight ahead while the scope shows what your hands are doing.  I've got to think it is a similar way that surgeons work off of a monitor in the OR.

I've been using the Ergo for about a month now (I got a pair to test in advance of the launch) and I really like them.  If you are already using magnification on a daily basis, they do take some adjusting to.  You have to train yourself to look straight ahead and NOT at your hands... which is what you do with traditional setups.  The learning curve exists, but I found it was a short one.

A quick note as far as adaptation... I started out in the late 90s with a 2.5x flip up, but I would not recommend a flip up in today's environment.  I had a bad habit of flipping the mag up and then twisting myself around for direct vision.  That was something that I got away from as my clinical skill got better, but in addition to that, TTL (through the lens) setups are much more clear and provide better field of view.

The Ergo is currently available in 3.5x which is the most popular magnification in dentistry and works really well in this configuration.  Orascoptic has amazing clarity in their optics, which is why I've been a fan of theirs for years.

The setup that I've been using is the Ergo telescopes mounted in the Dragonfly frame.  

The Ergo is available now and Orascoptic is currently offering a $200 discount for a limited time.  Head over to for more information.

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