Wednesday, December 28, 2022

FDA Clearance is Granted to Denti.AI for Auto-Charting Software


A few years ago I did some work with Denti.AI from a consulting standpoint.  The concept of using machine learning in dentistry was young back then, but I definitely got a glimpse of the future in my work with them.

Now the company has a huge announcement as they have received FDA clearance for their auto-charting software.  Getting the blessing of the FDA for a product is an incredibly big deal.  I have not had a chance to work with their charting system, so all I can state at this point is what the FDA has approved, but I can tell you that charting is very time consuming and having it automated would be a welcome addition to any practice.

Here is what Denti.AI has to say about their recent FDA clearance...

 -- Denti.AI Auto-Chart, an AI-powered software developed by Denti.AI, has become the first and currently only dental auto-charting product cleared by the FDA.

 The device can assist dental professionals in the interpretation of intraoral and extraoral 2D x-ray images by detecting and numbering teeth and missing teeth. It also aids in detecting dental structures added through past restorative treatment, including implants, crowns, pontics, endodontic treatment, and fillings, as well as their attributes, such as affected surfaces.

Denti.AI Auto-Chart's quick and reliable imaging-based odontogram charting complements Denti.AI Voice, which is used at hundreds of US and Canada clinics commercially to improve the speed and accuracy of perio charting. Combined, these products revolutionize charting tasks and drive better patient outcomes and bottom-line growth.

The product integrates directly into any Practice Management System (PMS) and Imaging software systems creating seamless workflows for dental professionals. By automating the entire data entry process, Denti.AI Auto-Chart produces highly accurate and complete patient charts. While studying its efficacy, the FDA determined that the results of Denti.AI Auto-Chart exceeded the predefined acceptance criteria and demonstrated a 70% reduction in time and effort required to create dental charts.

"This is a breakthrough for the field as one of the first users of Denti.AI Auto-Chart," Dr. Slazcka said, "I believe tooth numbering and existing charting is a huge hassle for staff. With Denti.AI Auto-Chart, even at 80% accuracy, it is much easier for them to take a template and work off corrections rather than inputting all variables."

"We are thrilled to offer this product that makes dentists' and hygienists' lives easier and improves their productivity and outcomes for the patients," said Denti.AI founder and CEO Dmitry Tuzoff. "With Denti.AI Voice, we changed the way perio charts are created, and everyone has asked us about odontogram charting, so now Auto-Chart will provide a significant and long-awaited addition to the dental professionals' automation toolkit."

Denti.AI founders' breakthrough research paper, Tooth Detection and Numbering in Panoramic Radiographs Using Convolutional Neural Networks, Dentomaxillofacial Radiology, 2019, established the scientific foundation of the revolutionary Auto-Chart tool. The study remains a top ten most-cited academic paper for AI in dentistry worldwide.

A US patent protects the technology that has also been adopted in a commercial partnership with P&R Dental Strategies, making it an essential tool for any dental insurance claim review from a clinical standpoint.

Denti.AI recently closed a pre-Series A round of funding. The infusion of capital led by one of the largest investors in dental technology will allow Denti.AI to bring more intelligent solutions to dental practices and reach remarkable milestones.

About Denti.AI

Founded in 2017, Denti.AI uses AI to detect pathologies, past treatments, and anatomical features from dental x-rays and voice commands, helps find diseases earlier, increases dentists' and hygienists' productivity, and provides more accurate records. Its products are integrated with practice management systems to automate workflows of dental groups in North America with hundreds of active users.  

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