Monday, December 19, 2022

The Blog Continues...

 As many of you noticed, I took a few days off last week.  My apologies for not making an announcement here.  I was preparing for a webinar on Thursday evening and I got so involved in that, I simply forgot to tell all of you blog readers that I wasn't going to be posting.  Sorry about that!

As you have all found out as of late, my professional life is changing a bit.  Starting in 2023 I won't be the actual practice "owner" any more.  Instead, I'm flipping places with Dr. Brunker.  She will be owning and running the actual business aspect of things while I will become an associate of the new practice "Advanced Dental Associates".

I'm really excited about the changes.  As most of you know, I have been a dentist for 35 years.  That has come with a lot of meetings and paperwork in addition to solving problems like equipment maintenance and other things.  And... of course on top of all of that, I've had the things that come with the "other" aspects of my career.  I've been taking care of patients for 32 hours per week, writing and editing for each issue of Dental Products Report, doing DPR Product Test Drives, working as Missouri State Peer Review Chairman, doing expert witness work in malpractice trials, and *then* I get to have dinner!

Seriously, I've burned the candle at both ends AND in the middle.  The one thing that I might classify as a positive from the pandemic is that it helped me to put things in perspective.  Even before the nightmare of 2020, I had begun to stop and look at where my life would go in its "next" stages.

What I discovered with that introspection is that I needed to get the business part of my business off my plate.  I am looking forward to helping patients and doing all of the other things I have been doing, but I finally won't have to to do the "business" part that I really haven't enjoyed for a few years now.

And I will say one of the things that I am most proud of is that my office and practice will be handed off to Dr. Rachel Brunker.  Dentistry is a very personal thing and I am extremely proud that my patients and the members of the office team are not being turned over to a corporate dental entity with the compassion of Arnold in The Terminator.  No, that will all be handled by Dr. Brunker who is one of the sweetest, most compassionate, and (most importantly) skilled doctors I know.

Dr. Brunker, Dr. Poppa, and I are ALL looking forward to the future.  AND as readers of The Blog, I want all of you to know I'm going to keep on posting my updates, news, and ramblings.  So just because I took some time last week, doesn't mean I'm gone.  I'm not going *anywhere*.  However, I DO want you to know that from now until the New Year, posting may be a bit "hit and miss".  As regular readers know, I am always a bit hit or miss at this time of year so if you don't see a post for a day or two, don't let it worry you... I'll be back.  You are not getting rid of me THAT easily!

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