Thursday, May 18, 2023

VisionButler is Available to Order - Details in the Post


I *love* coming across new and really well thought out products.  It's even more rewarding when I get to tell you all about a new product from a small company that was started by a fellow practitioner.  Just before the pandemic hit and shut us all down for a bit, I got the opportunity to meet Dr. Paul Moore.  He is a dentist who lives and practices in Ireland and, like a lot of doctors, he see the problems faced by practitioners and then creates viable solutions to those problems.  The VisionButler is his latest solution!

Retractors are something that most of us use routinely, but we never really consider how they could be improved OR how much revenue is spent on a disposable item.  That's why I'm so impressed with what Paul has developed here.  Not only is the VisionButler a great product, but because it is made of medical grade silicon, it is autoclavable.  That means single use retractors are now a thing of the past.

Paul's company is a small one.  It literally is a mom & pop operation run by he and his lovely wife.  That means when you buy, you are helping to support a small doctor owned business and not some corporate behemoth.  I'd also like to add that Paul is a truly a "nice guy" who runs his business the right way and I'm proud to help get the word out about.

Order the VisionButler here!!!  

The June issue of Dental Products Report is featuring doctors who are visionaries and create products.  Paul will be featured in that issue.  Here is what you'll read:

Manufacturer - DentalOrganiser Ltd  / Steiriliu Roscahill Galway Ireland

As a clinician, the benefits of lip and cheek retraction in dentistry are obvious and no one solution fits all needs.

We wanted to provide a viable new alternative that would provide an effective and efficient solution that would give an effective and efficient alternative to the well used single-use retractor. 

The idea was born from developing a photocontrastor for photography and developed to a lip and cheek retractor that could be sterilised and re-used, reducing the cost to the clinician.

The VisionButler is a  new  pliable, comfortable, reusable, autoclavable, soft  satin black silicon, retentive lip and cheek retractor. The buccal “wings” hold the cheeks away from the teeth and the labial flanges physically hold the lips away from the teeth  and prevent the retractor slipping even when the patient closes.

Did you know if you use 10 single use retractors 20 days a month, 12 months a year @ 1.50 Euro each time they are costing 3,600 Euro a year. 

Tested to over 1,000 cycles  a single VisionButler (98.00 euro) is equivalent to 12 boxes of 80 single use retractors )

We currently offer a medium size VisionButler and large size is launching in May 2023


Photo-contrastor: Made with a black, satin, smooth surface to reduce the flare and glare of flash photography, the soft silicon will hold the lips and cheeks away from the teeth and gums . The oval retraction of the labial tissues can be adjusted simply with manual tension and the gentle engagement of the fitting surface intra-orally allows the patient to close their mouth without the VisionButler being dislodged.

Hygienist: VisionButler will allow the hygienist to work with the patient’s lips comfortably retracted and allowing easy access for the suction system of choice.

Whitening: In office procedures require the protection of the lips and labial  soft tissues for the duration of the procedure.  VisionButler will hold  the mouth open and keep the lips away during the whole procedure. 

Digital Imaging:All digital imaging is simply made easier if soft tissues of the lips and cheeks are kept out the field of view.

Restorative Dentistry: Preparation and cementation of composites, porcelain crowns / veneers requires control of the soft tissues of the lips and the cheeks. It is like having a spare set of hands.

Easy to place and no hard rims to pressure vulnerable soft tissue structures such as the frenum.

Holds in place even when the patient swallows inadvertently.

Autoclavable for repeated use, saving clinical waste and reducing carbon footprint of single use options.


The VisionButler can be placed in ultrasonic both, washer-disinfector  and pouched as required for autoclave in a standard self-seal pouch or a 3D Deep Pouch ( supplied by ). 


The VisionButler saves cost, saves time, saves clinical waste and associated costs  of postage and storage space to the practice with a reduced carbon footprint.

Available worldwide from and selected dealers. 

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