Monday, May 8, 2023

Aspen Dental Releases Info on Recent Cybersecurity Incident


Aspen Dental has released info on a recent cybersecurity incident.  I'll report more as things develop.  Here is what the company is saying so far...

TAG - The Aspen Group experienced a cybersecurity incident that temporarily impacted our ability to access scheduling systems, phone systems and other business applications for Aspen Dental.

Thanks to our IT team, the issue was discovered early, and we have been working diligently to bring systems back online as quickly and as safely as possible. Our offices are open and we are seeing patients. We are still working to resolve all the issues related to the incident, but we are open and seeing patients largely as normal.

Our investigation into the incident is in its early stages and is still ongoing. We remain focused on remediating this incident, and will provide our employees, patients, and partners with updates directly as we have further information to share.

When will your systems be restored?

While we are not able to share a specific timetable as to when everything will be 100 percent back to normal, our offices are open, and we are continuing to care for our patients as we did pre-cyber incident.

Was this a ransomware attack or some other type of hack?

The investigation is ongoing and confidential in nature, and we do not have additional details to share at this time.

Was patient information compromised?

Our investigation into the scope of the incident is in its early stages and remains ongoing. If it is determined that any sensitive, personal information may have been involved in the incident, we will notify those individuals in accordance with applicable law and as quickly as possible.


  1. I hate reading stuff like this.

    I had ~32 offices get hit by cryptolocker. Every single one of them was recovered simultaneously. Total downtime: ~18 minutes.

    Cryptolocker variants have been around for well over a decade. It shouldn't be a disaster when it hits. IT teams should be prepared and able to resolve these issues rapidly.

  2. As you know, Aaron, I'm a big fan of you and what you do. I wish more offices would avail themselves of your expertise.

    1. I appreciate the kind words John--and I appreciate you keeping everyone up-to-date on not only the technical issues in Dentistry, but the medical side as well. I'm not a doctor, but I enjoy learning about it so I have some idea of what the doctors and teams I help are dealing with.