Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Join Us on Friday June 23rd at 10 a.m. ET for Specialties in Dentistry!


One of the things that I love the most about my work at Dental Products Report is that the publication and our parent company have a tremendous focus on education.  Our world and profession are constantly changing and knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate.  Basically that means if you are not moving forward, you're moving backward.  Doctors *need* to work at staying up to date with that constantly changing knowledge base and I am incredibly proud of helping to be a part of that process.

So... with all of that being said, it gives me a tremendous amount of pride to let all of you know that on Friday June 23 Dental Products Report is going to bring our second online learning event of 2023 to offices and monitors everywhere.  This event is being called "Specialties in Dentistry" and will offer three hours of continuing education credits to those who attend.  

I'll be hosting the event and I'm very excited to announce Dr. Brett Gilbert and Dr. Douglas Young will be the instructors.

Here is Dr. Gilbert's bio:

Dr. Gilbert graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 2001, and received his certificate in endodontics in 2003. He is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Endodontics at the University of Illinois Chicago and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics. 

Dr Gilbert is the founder of Access Endo, a global education platform, and the Access Endo Impact Academy, and a co-founder of the Dental Yogi Academy. He was named a top 10 young dental educator in America by the Seattle Study Club in 2017. In 2019 he was named to Academic Keys Who’s Who in Dentistry Academia. In 2020, he won the People’s Choice Award as the Top Instructor of 2020 for Endodontics by Course Karma. He is a fellow in the International College of Dentists and a contributing consultant for Oral Health Journal. 

Dr Gilbert lectures nationally and internationally on clinical endodontics and wellness. He is a partner in US Endo Partners since 2020 and serves on the clinical advisory board. He has a private practice, King Endodontics, focused on endodontics in Niles, Illinois.

Here is Dr. Young's bio:

 Douglas A. Young, DDS, EdD, MS, MBA, is a professor emeritus at the University of the Pacific, where he is an active and ardent educator in the field of minimally invasive dentistry and cariology. He was one of the founders of the CAMBRA Coalition, the American Dental Education Association Section on Cariology, and the American Academy of Cariology.

Dr Young has served on the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs and is currently a cariology consultant for the ADA. He has presented at congresses and universities around the world and has been published in numerous peer-reviewed dental journals and textbooks on caries management using minimally invasive dentistry, silver fluoride, and glass ionomer restoratives. 

Both of these gentlemen are well respected experts in their fields and I am truly looking forward to working with them and hearing what they have to say.

Dr. Young is one of the world's leading experts in cariology and his work with glass ionomer restoratives has been groundbreaking.  I have seen him present before and trust me when I say you will learn a ton by attending.  Here is quick course description:

The Chemical Magic of Glass Ionomer Restoratives and Sealants

Despite caries risk assessment and therapeutic tools that have been in use for decades, dental caries remains a significant problem in many populations. The science and chemistry for using glass ionomer restoratives for its unique ability to treat caries lesions chemically will be presented. Success is often determined by correct placement techniques.  

Dr. Young will review how to properly use glass restoratives with, and without, the use of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) using minimally invasive methodology to bridge the gap between remineralization and traditional restoration. 

That will be followed by Dr. Gilbert's presentation on endodontics.  If you are a doctor that performs endo in your practice, even if it is only the easy and straightforward cases, you'll gain a treasure trove of good clinical info that you and your patients will benefit from.  Here is the course description:

Overcoming Common Pain Points in Endo: Perforations, Locating MB2, and Negotiating Calcified Canals 

This course will use multimedia visuals to illustrate and demonstrate techniques through the dental operating microscope to help you overcome common pain points in endodontic procedures. Learn tips and techniques to help you prevent these iatrogenic occurrences such as perforation on access. 

MB2 is an elusive canal structure that can be difficult to locate and can result in case failure if not addressed. Learn the anatomy and techniques through the microscope to help you more successfully locate and treat these canals. Calcification is another challenge to overcome in endo. Watch demonstrations through a microscope to learn procedures that will help you succeed in negotiating these canals. 

Our online courses are always really well received and provide amazing amounts of information.  It's also super convenient top be able to receive 3 hours of continuing education right from your  phone, tablet, or computer without having to travel.  I'm looking forward to seeing lots of you at this event.  You can follow this link to sign up right now!  

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