Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Profession of Dentistry Largely Exempted from New Federal COVID Regulation


Good news for private practice dentistry was announced as the ADA has stated that the profession is "largely exempted" from the new regulations.

The regulations will take effect once they are officially published in the Federal Register which sources say will be in the very near future.  Once they are published affected entities have 14 days to be in compliance.

Because the new regulations apply to healthcare setting where suspected or confirmed coronavirus patients are treated, dental offices are exempted.  The healthcare settings where they do apply are Assisted Living Facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Had dental offices *not* been exempted, they would have been subject to conduct a hazard assessment as well as to have a written plan to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

ADA president Dr. Daniel Klemmedson has indicated that "This is a win for science, a win for ADA advocacy, and especially a win for you!"  He also states that, "With dentistry's proven ability to practice safely through this pandemic and because of the ADA's advocacy on this issue, our profession is largely exempted from the regulations that could be burdensome to dental practices around the country."

This is one more reason I support the American Dental Association.  The profession needs to speak with a united voice that advocates for the doctors and the patients we serve.  To that end, I'm proud of what the organization has accomplished.  Our commitment to patient and employee safety is well known.

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