Tuesday, June 22, 2021


The clinical image above is from CR

The Ultradent Umbrella retractor system is pretty amazing.  I've been lucky enough to have watched it evolve from a concept to a full fledged product on the market.  That evolution took a few years as the Research and Development team at Ultradent worked and worked to get it *just right*.

There are a lot of retractors on the market, but I've yet to find one I like better.  It took the smart people at Ultradent about 5 years to develop this device... and it shows.

The Umbrella is more than just a retractor.  It is designed to be used for many aspects of clinical dentistry.  In addition to supporting the lips and keeping them out of the field, it also holds the buccal mucosa out of the way as well.

Its distal hinge is actually set up to be distal to the terminal teeth so that even with it in place, a patient can completely bite down and checking the occlusion is easy.  One of the greatest features in my opinion is the pillows that are visible in the first photo above.  Those little pillows are strategically placed where the pressure points of a retractor occur.  

I once had to have some work done and I was sore for days where the old style retraction was used.  The Umbrella is kind to the tissues, holds the tongue and makes multiple procedures and photography a breeze!  This product is *highly recommended*!

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