Monday, June 28, 2021

Garrison Anterior Matrix System is a Winner!


The smart folks at Garrison Dental Systems make some really terrific products... and I use a bunch of them.

One of their latest is a really nifty system for anterior composite restorations.  For years now clinical dentistry has used sectional matrices in the posterior to create proper contours and contacts.  The whole idea of those posterior systems was to make placement easier and clinical results more predictable.  As more and more doctors adopted these matrix systems, our results got better and better.

The funny thing is that those posterior sectional matrix systems were a really great 'outside the box' concept, but when it came to anterior restorations, we continued to place them the way we had since probably the 80s.

To the rescue come Garrison's Fusion Anterior Matrix System.  It consists of properly contoured matrix bands paired with curved plastic wedges in 4 different sizes.  The bands are pre-bent at the necessary proper  angle.  The images below do a pretty good job of explaining how they are used.

The one mistake that many first time users make is to place the matrix band in 'usual' way meaning the curve points toward the incisal edge.  Instead, they are designed to be placed 'sideways' to the normal alignment so that they curve in the direction of the tooth being restored.  Using this system is greatly aided by a high intensity curing light.  This allows the restoration to be cured at initial stage which then allows the operator to remove the band and cure again to ensure that the light has reached the entire restoration.

This system works incredibly well.  I've got to give a lot of credit to Garrison for creating a system that allows for consistent and predictable clinical results in the anterior region.  This product is *highly recommended*!!!

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