Thursday, June 10, 2021

Henry Schein Invests in a Majority Interest in eAssist


Recently eAssist announced they had created a buying group for client offices that was called eAssist Buying Power.  The idea behind the formation of the group was to allow client doctors to pool their purchasing power together to receive reduced pricing.  One of the advantages corporate dental practices have is their purchasing power.

When you call a supplier and need something for 100 offices, the price will be different than if you want to order the same product for ONE office.  This allows corporate chain dental offices to help keep their overhead less than small private offices.  eAssist is making an attempt to pool the resources of their client private practices and by combining their purchasing power, allow those offices to receive volume discounts like large corporate groups.

I am an eAssist client and had recently received information on the eAssist Buying Power program.  The company is looking to get member dentists involved.  I noticed that the purchases for the program were going through Henry Schein, but thought little of it.  Schein is the world's largest dental supply company (Dentrix, a sponsor of this blog, is owned by Henry Schein) and the company has a very solid reputation in the industry.

Then today, I received the following information in my email and it looks like there is even more of a reason for Henry Schein to be the supply company working with eAssist on the program.  Henry Schein is now a majority owner of eAssist.

Here is what I received:

The World’s Leading Dental Billing Company + The World’s Largest Provider of Health Care Solutions 

 Today we make history as a new chapter unfolds for eAssist.

This morning, it is our great honor to announce that Henry Schein has chosen to invest in a majority interest in eAssist. Henry Schein is a long-time partner and trusted friend to eAssist. The furthering of the eAssist and Henry Schein partnership is a continuation of the synergy between our two companies. You can read the full press release here.

What does this mean for you, our customer, and why did we decide to partner with Henry Schein?

Your teams won’t change. Your service does not change. Your costs won’t change. I will continue to manage eAssist as Chief Executive Officer, along with the entire eAssist management team.

Our core purpose is to deliver peace of mind to you and your team. We believe strongly that we can do that best by providing even more value to you in exchange for the money you pay us. These same values are echoed by the team at Henry Schein through their long-standing commitment to enabling dental practice growth, efficiency, and profitability.

On behalf of your eAssist Success Consultants, Team Leader, and all of eAssist, we look forward to serving your dental practice with dedication and excellence—delivering peace of mind to you, your practice, and your patients for years to come.

Warmest regards,

James V. Anderson, DMD

CEO, eAssist Dental Solutions

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