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ReGen Bioactive Endo Sealer: A Revolution in Root Canal Treatment


I recently returned from teaching a hands-on class on Low Stress Endodontics for the General Practitioner at LVI Global.  I absolutely *love* endodontics and I also *love* teaching my peers.  If I can help even one doctor provide better treatment, who knows how many patients that can impact?

At that recent course, I introduced the doctors to a new endo sealer that I have been using for over a year with amazing results.  It's the ReGen Bioactive Endo Sealer which was created and is manufactured by Vista-Apex.

There are several bioactive endo sealers now on the market, but in my opinion, the ReGen sealer offers some notable advantages.

For dentists seeking a root canal sealer that goes beyond basic closure, the Vista-Apex ReGen Bioactive Endo Sealer offers a groundbreaking approach. This innovative product leverages bioactivity to not only seal the canal but also potentially promote healing and strengthen the tooth.

Bioactivity: The Power of Regeneration

Unlike traditional sealers, ReGen Bioactive Endo Sealer incorporates bioglass technology. This unique material releases calcium (Ca) and phosphate (PO4) ions, mimicking the natural components of tooth structure. These ions can potentially stimulate the remineralization of dentin, the hard tissue beneath the enamel.

Benefits of Bioactive Sealing:

The incorporation of bioactivity in ReGen Bioactive Endo Sealer offers several potential advantages:

Enhanced Sealing: The released ions contribute to a tighter seal at the interface between the filling material and the dentin, potentially reducing the risk of leakage and future problems.

Promotes Healing: By stimulating dentin remineralization, the sealer may encourage the tooth to repair itself, potentially leading to a stronger and more resilient structure.

Reduced Microleakage: Traditional sealers can develop microscopic gaps over time. ReGen Bioactive Endo Sealer's bioactive properties may help minimize this issue, contributing to                    long-term treatment success.

Additional Features for Optimal Performance:

Beyond its bioactive properties, ReGen Bioactive Endo Sealer boasts several features that enhance its clinical performance:

High Radiopacity: Ensures clear visualization on X-rays, allowing for accurate placement, verification, and monitoring.

Quick Setting Time: Saves valuable treatment time by allowing dentists to move on to the next steps of the procedure efficiently.  Some doctors prefer to perform endo and a crown on the same apportionment and the fast set helps in this regard. 

Excellent Biocompatibility: Minimizes the risk of allergic reactions or tissue irritation.

Easy to Use: The user-friendly formula simplifies the application process for smooth integration into existing workflows.

  • MST: stands for "Material Saving Tip".  The kit comes with a small cannula that allows for minimal waste while also allowing for accurate sealer placement.

A Leap Forward in Root Canal Treatment:

The ReGen Bioactive Endo Sealer represents a significant leap forward in root canal therapy. By harnessing the power of bioactivity, it offers the potential for:

Improved Long-Term Outcomes: The combination of enhanced sealing and potential for dentin remineralization may contribute to a more durable and successful root canal treatment.

Enhanced Patient Care: The biocompatible nature and focus on healing can potentially lead to better patient outcomes and potentially reduced risk of complications.

A Note from myself as a clinician:

As a dentist, I'm always looking for innovative technologies that can improve patient care and clinical outcomes. The ReGen Bioactive Endo Sealer is a product I'm excited about, with its potential to offer a new level of effectiveness and long-term success in root canal treatment. If you have any questions about this product or root canal procedures in general, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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