Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Increasing Diagnostic Accuracy With Artificial Intelligence


My teaching/lecturing schedule has been busy lately.  It's funny how things like this come in waves.  If you are a practicing dentist, like me you probably have days where it seems like almost every patient on the schedule seems to have a problem with tooth #30 or things like that.  I've always wondered how the stars align to create these things...

Now on to today's post.  Next Thursday, April 25th at 10:00 am EDT, I'm going to be presenting a webinar titled "Increasing Diagnostic Accuracy With Artificial Intelligence".  I'm doing this lecture in conjunction with Dental Products Report where I serve as Chief Dental Editor & Technology Editor.  

The event is one hour and if you attend, you can qualify for one hour of CE credit.  I'll be covering how I use AI in my clinical practice while also discussing how it can improve workflows and provide for better, more predictable patient outcomes.  I hope that many of you can join me!

If you'd like to be part of it, and I be honored if you are, here is the link to register.  

Here is the promotional info that DPR has posted about the event:

Increasing Diagnostic Accuracy With Artificial Intelligence

In the last 5 years, artificial intelligence (AI) has seen explosive growth in our personal and professional lives. As that growth continues, it is imperative that doctors keep abreast of the amazing advancements in diagnostic accuracy and practice efficiency. Using AI-enhanced radiographs helps the doctor and team, and serves as a tremendously powerful tool to help patients better understand their problems and solutions.

Learning Objectives:

Better understand the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI).

Learn how AI enhanced radiographs can better aid in diagnosis and education.

Learn how AI is a necessary tool for doctors and team members to use for every patient.

Course Details:

AGD Subject Code:010, 730

CE Credit: Catapult Education, LLC designates this activity for 1 continuing education credit.

Audience: Dentistry Professionals

Cost: Free

Method: Live Webinar Lecture

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