Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Dental Laser Coaching Launches On-line Dental Laser Training Portal


Virtual Curriculum  Kicks-Off with Free Webinar: "Do More with Your All-Tissue Laser"

As the landscape of laser dentistry continues to evolve, Dental Laser Coaching (DLC) recently launched  its new online dental laser training portal. View available laser courses here. New courses will be added over time.

While traditional live laser training sessions remain valuable, the advent of user-friendly online platforms has democratized access to comprehensive laser coaching. This is why the DLC Portal will feature an innovative online curriculum, designed to empower a wider audience of dental professionals to  effectively optimize their laser technology. Whether a practitioner has owned a laser for one month or one-year, the DLC Portal is designed to guide their journey towards success.

According to Company Founder and CEO Nick Clausen, “Our mission is to ensure that all laser owners maximize the full benefits of their investments.  With over two decades of experience collaborating with major laser manufacturers and dental practices nationwide, the DLC Portal will offer a unique online approach that accelerates the achievement of desired results.”

Laser dentistry provides a host of benefits for patients and practitioners alike. A laser’s precision allows for minimally invasive treatments, reducing discomfort during and after procedures. Moreover, lasers promote faster healing times and preserve healthy tissue and ultimately enhancing the overall patient experience.  It’s easy to see why lasers have become a standard of care in dentistry.

However, despite these advantages, transitioning to laser dentistry presents unique challenges for practitioners accustomed to traditional ‘tactile’ instruments. The non-contact nature of laser applications, coupled with the requirement for precise technique, often leads to underutilization of this advanced technology.  

Clausen added, “The goal of the Dental Laser Coaching Portal is to address the root causes of the common challenges faced by laser owners, irrespective of their experience level, and provide tailored optimization programs for soft tissue lasers, all-tissue lasers, and productivity enhancement using laser technology.”

To register for the free, limited seating webinar "Do More with Your All-Tissue Laser" on Tuesday April 30th, at 5PM PST/ 8PM EST, Click here. 

About Dental Laser Coaching

Established in 2004, by Nick Clausen, one of dentistry’s preeminent laser educators and trainers, Dental Laser Coaching (DLC) is dedicated to optimizing dental laser integration across all wavelengths and manufacturers. With a focus on achieving superior clinical results, enhancing patient experiences, and increasing production, DLC offers personalized coaching programs tailored to the unique needs of each practice.

For more information, please visit https://www.dentallasercoaching.com. Follow Dental Laser Coaching on Facebook, and YouTube for updates and insights.

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