Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Join Me Tomorrow for the virtual CE Event Increasing Diagnostic Accuracy With Artificial Intelligence


Tomorrow April 25th at 10:00am eastern (9:00am central) plan on taking an hour out of your day to join me for the FREE webinar Increasing Diagnostic Accuracy With Artificial Intelligence.  

I've been involved with using and evaluating AI dental systems for over 8 years and over that time I have gained some incredible experience and I've seen phenomenal progress in what these systems can do.

I can tell you with great confidence that the time to start incorporating AI into your clinical workflows is NOW.   Every day that I am seeing patients, I have a tab open in my browser to access our AI system and I have come to depend on what that system provides me.

We are *much* more efficient from a time management standpoint as our efficiency has increased tremendously through using AI.  However, better diagnostic capabilities is just one piece of what AI can do for you.  We've also seen a huge jump in patient understanding and case acceptance.

At this point in time, you've probably heard tons of info about AI, but you may still have questions about what it can do for you and what changes it can make in your practice.  This one hour event will help answer any questions you may have and will also set you up for success.

You will earn 1 CE credit and the event is FREE!!!

You can register by following this link.  I'm super excited to be presenting and I hope to see many of you there!

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