Wednesday, November 16, 2022

FDA Head Dr. Robert M. Califf Takes Stand on Twitter Membership

 The fact that Elon Musk now owns Twitter has been a cause of much consternation and concern about what direction Twitter will head in as well as what the future holds for that social network.  While a lot of the concerns seem to be political... many are not.  I try not to enter into political discussions online as I don't reel that is my place.  So with that being said, I *do* think some situations on Twitter bear discussing here...

I was very impressed when I read lately of the decision of Dr. Robert Califf, who head the FDA.  His statement, that was placed on Twitter, reads:

 "The easy thing to do would be to abandon using Twitter, but that’s not the right thing for us to do at this time. More than ever before, it’s important that FDA continues to use Twitter for good and do everything in our power to protect the public from potential harm."

I have to say that I agree with Dr. Califf.  Even though he is a political appointee, I don't feel that statement is political.  Basically his point is that if knowledgeable people leave the platform, than who is there to provide knowledge in that particular subject.

The entire thread of the thought is impressive in my opinion.  You can read the thread by following this link.  I feel the world could use some more calm opinions like this.

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