Wednesday, November 30, 2022

AMD Lasers has Special Pricing During Cyber Week!


Over the years I've worked with AMD Lasers quite a bit, both with the products and the company.  I've found their products to be reliable and best of all... affordable.  As anyone in dentistry  will tell you, the cost of equipment can be a serious impediment to adoption.  The good thing is that companies like AMD exist that produce quality equipment while also making that equipment affordable.

I've been using lasers in my practice since the late 1990s and I can tell you from personal experience that they give me a tremendous advantage in what I do.  There are a lot of things that lasers allow you to do and I use them almost every day.

So it's great to be able to tell you that AMD is having a tremendous sale this week.  As you can see from the graphic above, their Picasso diode lasers are 50% off and the Monet handheld curing laser is 30% off.

If you are interested in exploring what a laser can do for you as far as soft tissue surgery or high speed curing, head on over to the AMD website and take advantage of the discounts they are offering this week.  

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