Tuesday, November 1, 2022

FDA Announces Shortages on Amoxicillin Suspensions

 A short post today as most of us are probably a bit tired after the big Halloween Celebrations from last night.

I saw this list on the FDA website and found it of interest.  It seems there is a shortage of amoxicillin currently, but only on the suspensions (liquids).

This would mainly affect children and patients who are unable to swallow pills.  Obviously that is a smaller subset of patients, but if it affects you (as a patient) or you (as a prescriber) either situation can create complications.

The good news is that this shortage is supposed to be short lived with the experts expecting things to return to normal in early November.

If you have questions or want more information, here is a link to the FDA website that deals with the shortage.   

Also, if you would ever like to check on information like this, the FDA has a searchable database of Current and Resolved Drug Shortages and Discontinuations Reported to FDA.  

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