Thursday, November 17, 2022

CMS Warns their Medicare Users about Deceptive Marketing...

 I *love* a free press!  There are times when the truth has to get out.  According to the Associated Press:

With Medicare’s open enrollment underway through Dec. 7, health experts are warning older adults about an uptick in misleading marketing tactics that might lead some to sign up for Medicare Advantage plans that do not cover their regular doctors or prescriptions and drive up out-of-pocket costs.

I'd like to say this kind of behavior stuns me... but this kind of behavior does NOT stun me.  Taking advantage of older people has probably existed as long as there have been... people.   The troubling part of this is they are trying to take advantage of folks who aren't as mentally sharp as they were in their youth, have less money to spend, AND will need medical services.

Allowing money grubbing crooks to cheat those folks goes against everything we stand for as a nation.

Of course marketing is always trying to convince us to part with our money, but doing so in such an ethical manner is just wrong.  The good news is the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) is making a concerted effort to stop this practice.  They've started actually using some of their employees as "secret shoppers" to try and find out who is offering these less than honest plans and then shutting them down.

I salute the AP for bringing this to light and I also salute CMS for trying to rein in these unethical people.  The whole story from the AP can be found by following this link.  

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