Thursday, September 15, 2022

Leading Dental Industry Consultants Dr. Margaret Scarlett and Michael Ventriello Form Dental Transformation Partners


I've known Mike Ventriello for close to two decades now.  When we met he was working for an advertising agency that had quite a few dental clients.  Eventually he decided to start his own agency and founded Ventriello Communications, LLC.  Mike is a terrific individual who always seems to have a smile on his face as well as be intensely interested in music... as am I.  So, over the years our relationship has grown from working on projects together into a great personal friendship.

So it is with great happiness that I give you today's post about Michael's latest endeavor, Dental Transformation Partners.  One of my many hats in the industry is serving as one of the Chief Development Officers for Cellerant Consulting and that means just maybe Michael and I will have even more projects to discuss or work together on.

Way to go my friend!  Here is the press release:

Atlanta, GA  – September 13, 2022 – Two of dentistry’s leading advocates for driving disruption from approval to adoption, Dr. Margaret Scarlett, president of Scarlett Consulting International, and Michael Ventriello, owner, and founder of Ventriello Communications LLC, have forged a strategic working alliance named Dental Transformation Partners (DTP). Within the framework of this alliance, Dr. Scarlett will serve as the Chief Science and Technology Officer and Michael will be the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

The mission of DTP is to help launch the next generation of innovations that will transform dentistry and to ensure that oral health is recognized as a critical component of overall health by healthcare systems, providers, and patients. 

According to Dr. Scarlett, “This is the most exciting time for significant change in dentistry since the late 1980s. DTP’s ideal clients will be companies launching new digital and biotech technologies that can be implemented at scale to prevent, diagnose, and treat a wide range of oral diseases.  

 DTP’s scope of services can range from assisting with prelaunch FDA approval to creating integrated strategic sales and marketing programs to accelerate adoption and drive revenue. This is made possible by the complimentary skill sets of Scarlett and Ventriello which enable Dental Transformation Partners to deliver an unparalleled combination of clinical, research, communications, and marketing prowess.

Dr. Scarlett and Michael Ventriello have worked in just about every dental product and technology category that has either changed the practice of dentistry or is currently transforming the dental industry. “Dr. Scarlett and I have been collaborating off and on for almost 20 years,” explained Ventriello. “Since the COVID outbreak, we found ourselves working together more frequently within relevant product categories such as teledentistry, air purification and  periodontal therapy. We agreed that with all the innovation occurring in dentistry, such as diagnostics and artificial intelligence, we should combine our skills on a more consistent basis to help emerging companies and systems go to market. The result is Dental Transformation Partners.”

For more details about Dental Transformation Partners, visit, send an email to and follow DTP on LinkedIn 

 About Margaret Scarlett, DDS:

Dr. Scarlett is a practicing dentist and an infectious and chronic disease expert. Author of CDC's first infection control guidance in 1986, Dr. Scarlett leads Scarlett Consulting International which specializes in helping companies and organizations improve overall health and oral health outcomes through data. She is the former editor of the Woman’s Dental Journal, started Medscape Dentistry and Oral Health, and is also the author of countless industry journal articles and scientific whitepapers. In addition, Dr. Scarlett is a sought-after speaker and webinar presenter. Among her many areas of expertise are dental technology (hardware & software), infection control, digital workflows, regulatory, oral-systemic links, dental education, materials, and more.

About Michael Ventriello: 

Michael is an award-winning copywriter, former journalist, and accomplished public relations and marketing strategist. For more than twenty years, Michael has been focused on dental industry marketing and public relations, working to advance product adoption by the profession for many leading dental technology companies. In 2012, Michael founded a virtual marketing, advertising and public relations agency, Ventriello Communications, launching innovative products into the dental industry. Michael is also an author and industry pundit whose articles and guest columns about public relations, dental technology and marketing have appeared in many of the leading print and online dental trade journals.

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  1. Thank you Dr. Flucke for your kind words and all your support for over the past two decades. In dentistry, friends matter!