Monday, September 26, 2022

Futudent proCam is Worthy of the Investment


Behold the Futudent proCam.  This *tiny* camera can be mounted on the doctor's glasses or the track light (if the doctor is using one), or even on a pole mount in the ceiling.  It shoots in 4K resolution and can provide a constant "eye in the sky" POV for procedures.  It allows the patient to see the doctor's perspective which helps the patient better understand their problems along with the actual clinical situation.

One thing I have found as a doctor who believes whole heartedly in communication, is that the visual aspect of communication is incredibly important.  Having good documentation can give support of treatment recommendations and outcomes.  

Human beings are incredibly visual creatures and because of that, having visual records can help prove a point.   Whether it is for record keeping purposes or to provide amazing "over the shoulder POV" communication with your patients, Futudent cameras are an amazing high tech way of doing just that.

I have been  a big believer in  their cameras for several years now.  I love to be able to use the images or video to show other doctors clinical things I am teaching, but some patients really get a charge out of being able to see exactly what I am seeing on a monitor... while we treat them.  Futudent cameras do a terrific job of allowing us to do that!

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