Thursday, December 2, 2021

The EndoUltra Cordless Ultrasonic Agitator


I perform a lot of endodontics in my office.  That simple fact means that I am always looking for ways to improve patient outcomes as well as perform more efficiently.  I think this is especially true when it comes to endodontics.  No one ever wants a root canal "to take longer".

Endodontics requires a high degree of precision and because of that the procedure can be time consuming.  Anything worth doing is worth doing well, but that doesn't necessarily mean that quality always requires a long procedure.

There is also the simple fact of irrigation and chemical cleansing of the canal system.  If you have ever seen a scanning electron microscopic view of a canal system (and you probably have) you'll understand that simple mechanical instrumentation cannot do all the necessary work of removing diseased tissue and bacteria.

Because of that simple fact, irrigation has become tremendously important while performing endodontic treatment.  The other part of irrigation is being sure that the irritants reach into all the small areas of the canal system.  That's why it's not only important to use copious irrigation, it's also important to provide some type of agitation to those irritants.  This ensures that they are replenished in those tiny areas as well as to provide some "shock waves" that also can loosen debris as well as having some potentially lysing effects on bacterial cell walls.

I've used several different devices to accomplish this task, but my current favorite is the EndoUltra from Vista-Apex.  The device is small, ergonomic, wonderfully effective, and affordable.  If you do endo in your practice, effective irrigation and agitation of those chemicals is critical to clinical success.

I have been using the EndoUltra device for about 2 years now and have nothing but good things to say about it.  Take a look at the video I shot this summer to hear all about it.  I was lucky enough to spend some time on a site visit to the Vista-Apex facility this past summer and saw some impressive things.  While there, they asked if I could sit down and do a testimonial video on the EndoUltra and I was happy to do so.  I use it and believe in it, so talking about it was easy.  Give the video a view and I think you'll be as impressed with this device as I am.

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