Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Orascoptic Endeavour XL Impresses and Continues to Impress

The picture above is my newest "nose light" in my armamentarium of headlights.  This is my new Endeavour XL from  Orascoptic with TruColor.  There is an interesting story behind my latest purchase.

Throughout my career I've used a variety of scope mounted lighting, but my "bread and butter" light was the Orascoptic Zeon Discovery.  The picture is below.

The thing I really liked about the Discovery, was its brightness.  It was a bit heavy on the bridge of my nose, but I was willing to trade that for the intensity of the light.  However, recently the battery had started to degrade and I knew I was going to have to make a change.  Time had passed the Discovery by.

So I invested in the Endeavour XL and the first question that crossed my mind was "why did I wait?"  The Endeavour XL is incredibly bright, so I'm not losing any light intensity.  It's also much smaller and lighter so my scopes aren't as heavy.  One other feature that I need to mention is that the cord is *much* thinner, which means less pull and also less chance of wire breakage from bending.Add to those benefits the fact that the new light also has Orascoptic's Tru Color built in and this thing is an absolute winner.

The advantage of the Tru Color lighting is that the color emitted by the light is very close to natural sunlight.  That makes shade matching a much simpler task.  It is about 5700° Kelvin which many experts consider "true north lighting".

Now I know a lot of you are probably asking why I didn't just go with a wireless system for my lighting and my answer for that is that I am used to working under *very* bright light.  The wireless systems are completely acceptable for every day use.  It's just that I have gotten SO used to working in a bright field that I wanted that intensity as an option.  The Endeavour XL has low, medium, and high settings and I normally use the low option, however I love choices and having the extra brightness can come in handy for some situations so I chose to keep with a system that had that option.

If you are like me and want brightness when you need it, for sure check out the lineup from Orascoptic.  The Endeavour XL is *highly* recommended! 


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