Wednesday, December 1, 2021

An Attempt to Reinsert Dental into Medicare

 I don't normally like to even mention politics on the blog.  Number one, there are enough blogs doing that already.  Number two, I don't like discussing politics.  😃

However, because this is politics that has the definite possibility of affecting dentistry, today we'll wade just a bit into what is going on.

Those of us in the profession are most likely aware that in the beginning of the budgetary debate this fall, there were initial attempts to include dental as part of Medicare.  The American Dental Association was opposed to the way the way it was proposed and worked hard with congress to find a compromise.  I won't go into great detail on all of that here as there are pages and pages of info on this that presents it much better than I can.  Just do a Google search for all the answers.

The heart of the matter today is that the process has hit a snag.  Evidently discussions were held among senators who agreed on the details and things were moving along nicely.  However, now Senator Bernie Sanders has decided to change a part of the bill to try to re-include the Medicare dental piece.

I bring this up so that regular readers here will be aware of the situation.   There is a great explanation of the situation at that you can read by following this link...  

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